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Venus Conjunct Ras Algethi – Bowing to a Greater Power.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


This connection is active from 22nd October for a couple of days. It occurs at 16:21 degrees Sagittarius

Venus is now is approaching a two day link up with Ras Algethi, the brightest and most prominent star in the constellation of Hercules, the “Kneeling One” of the “Phantom”. If you know your mythology, Hercules had to endure 12 years of service to King Eurystheus, taking on whatever trials the king set for him to atone for slaying his own sons, after he had been driven crazy by Hera, one of the three sisters of Zeus. Hercules was loathed to serve the king, but he knew he could not let down his honor or father Zeus and thus he agreed to the terms that the king laid out. In reward for his service and the completion of his tasks, Hercules was promised and eventually given immortality. His constellation sits proudly in the Northern night sky close to the pole, portraying a figure kneeling in service.

This star is concerned with the natural world, a love of nature and caring about the planet, and a need for all to be in order and in balance. This star makes you feel as if you are a small cog in a much larger machine, it suggests submitting yourself to something greater than yourself, or even adoring someone who is more powerful and influential than you are. Ptolemy says of Ras Algethi, the bright star in the head of Hercules that “it gives strength of character, tenacity and fixity of purpose”. Ebertin says “in good aspect, this star brings good relations with women, but if badly aspected it will bring much irritation in dealing with them.”

I have a feeling of affinity and a relationship with the natural world here and looking after the state of the planet and I would not be surprised if environmental issues will be prominent while this aspect is effective, with the idea of finding a natural order or balance. You yourself might find that you have to bow to a greater power than yourself but you will do this without fighting against it as Venus is not really an aggressive influence on this star, the natural inclination is to submit to keep the peace. As Hercules kneels in service in the skies above us, so will you. This may well play out in the world as well as the powerful nations and leaders wield their influence over the weaker ones.

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