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Vegas Style Triathlon

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I killed myself to get in all of my Ironman training before I left for Vegas.  I wanted to leave my schedule open to do the Vegas Triathlon, which is drinking-blackjack-pool. I will let you know that I got a PR this trip.

Here’s how IM training shook out last week, PB (pre-Vegas):

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 2,800 yard swim, 6 mile run
Wednesday: 40 mile bike, 4 mile run
Thursday: 2,300 yard swim, 5 mile run
Friday: 1,900 yard swim, 22 mile bike
Saturday: 100 mile bike
Sunday: Rest (Vegas baby)

Total miles: 181 (swim ~ 4 miles , run 15 miles, bike 162 miles)
Total workouts: 9
Total hours: 14 hours, 20 minutes

I am not going to lie. That 100 mile ride killed me. I rode most of the Boulder Ironman course. I’m not sure if it was the heavy week of training prior to the ride, or what, but I was DONE. Stick a fork in me (hate that expression). How about – take me out of the toaster, I’m toast?

Now I’m home, having returned from Vegas poorer and more dehydrated than when I left, but my stomach is aching from laughing so much and I have a nice tan. I’ll take the good with the bad.

What else was good? This view from our room at the Wynn.


I prefer a view of the golf course, pool and mountains to a view of the Strip. Does that make me weird? I don’t care. I did, however, run on the Strip at 7:00 a.m. when it was 95 degrees. It was me, the prostitutes, the homeless and the tourists. Very scenic. I wore my new shoes, the Asics Gel Electro 33s (review coming soon).


I love walking through this fairyland of lights and fresh flowers, even if I look like a ragged tourist.


We could not get over the hot air balloon made of real flowers.


Everything always has to be the biggest and best and most obnoxious in Vegas. Did you know there is a new ferris wheel on the Strip called the High Roller? It is, of course, the biggest ferris wheel in the world.

Vegas Style Triathlon

Each of those pods actually holds 40 people. Here I am in the black dress:

Vegas Style Triathlon

Just kidding. That’s not me. I didn’t even ride the damn thing. Erika and I were too busy ordering room service at midnight and hanging out in our hotel robes (which I am sure 4,318 other people have worn, but I don’t really care to think about that).


There you have it. Girls’ trip year #12.


Where are you vacationing this summer? Not sure. We were thinking about a trip to Phoenix because my son want to tour ASU and I love 150 degree temperatures.

Would you pay $35 to ride in that ferris wheel at night? (35 minute ride). Probably would do it if my kids were with me.


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