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Vegan Profile: Actress Krista Allen

By Yonni @vegandthecity
Today I'm writing about another one of those connections...the kind that you wonder about at first and then somehow make perfect sense, even when you're not sure how they came to be. I, like so many of you, grew up watching soaps.  General Hospital and Days of Our Lives were my favorites.  I still sneak a peak if I'm around at 1 or 3! Don't you remember watching Luke and Laura get married? Did you cry when all of the Hortons hung their Christmas ornaments on Alice and Tom's tree each year?  I first "met" the stunning Krista Allen when she played Billie Reed on Days.  OK. We didn't meet. I watched her each day for years and loved how she filled the role.  It was fun to see her in other tv roles, as the "elevator girl", and I'm psyched to see her when season 2 of The LA Complex begins. But did I ever imagine we'd connect? Fast forward to my life on Twitter, and this cool, vegan woman "followed" me.  I was so flattered!  We "tweeted" back and forth a few times and I could tell she was just as sweet and kind as I assumed she would be.  So I took a risk.  I reached out and asked if I could interview her for my book.  She said yes!  We emailed a few times, exchanged numbers and then back in late winter of 2011 we finally spoke.  I was on the brutally cold streets of Manhattan on my way to meet friends for dinner, she was navigating a crowded parking lot on a hot afternoon in LA, and over the course of a half hour, what started as a conversation about what it's like to be vegan quickly turned into a very personal one, and a friendship began. Tonight Krista asked me to read an interview she had done and tell her what I thought. I found it funny and humble and candid, about being vegan but also about being present and really living life.  I have decided to share it with you for all of those reasons.  I hope you enjoy...

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