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Vase Cuff Floral Decorations

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Vase Cuff Floral DecorationsIt's no secret that flowers look prettiest growing in their original location... but yes, they are rather gorgeous cut and placed in clear vases too... I love craft projects that take 15 minutes or less, so one of my favorite things to do with vases is wrap them with a paper trim or cuff.  I used the recently released Christmas stars and stripes for these three vases on my entry sideboard, but any print paper (or decorative paper) will do.
If you're throwing a party, or simply want your flowers to match the colour-scheme of your house or dinner-do, simply wrap an appropriate coloured strip of paper around a straight-edged vase.  Experiment with different patterns, different lengths and widths, and placing the paper up high or down low.  Stick the paper in place with double sided tape, and add decorative embellishments if desired.  You'll easily turn your floral arrangement into a party-perfect Spectacular!
Note: you can wrap a vase with sloping or splayed edges, but the paper will wrap in a shape more like a man's old fashioned neck-collar rather than a straight strip.
If you're more clever than I am, consider making a vase-cuff out of fabric, using ribbons or buttons to hold it in place... and don't forget to send me photos or links to your blog posts so I can shout out about how clever you all are!

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