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Variable Warfare Styles of Israel and Its Arab Enemies

Posted on the 10 July 2014 by Calvinthedog

Israelis are a Europeanized group whose religion has been infused with Christian morality and values (whether they liked it or not) for those many centuries they were in Europe. Hence they react in horror at the burning alive of an enemy civilian in wartime.

The Arabs have never fought by any rules of war ever, and they sure don’t now. Not only are all Arab guerrilla movements basically terrorist organizations, but they all attack civilian targets in a matter of fact way. They also torture captives, imprison civilians, and execute both captured civilians and enemy fighters.

Israel generally does not do any of these things, at least not lately. In fact, they often go to considerable length to avoid civilian casualties.

In the 1973 War, many Israeli soldiers were taken captive by the Syrian military. Despite the fact that this army is heavily Alawite (a very progressive version of Islam described as heresy by many Sunnis) and secular, many of these Israeli soldiers were executed. So you see it is not just fundamentalists who are cruel – it is a general Arabist trait. In secular Iraq, Saddam’s forces had unspeakably cruel ways of torturing many of their prisoners to death. Many rebel suspects and fighters captured by Assad’s SAA military in Syria lately have disappeared, tortured to death by the secular regime.

The Israeli captives of the Syrians in 1973 were often killed by having their penises were chopped off and stuffed in their mouths. This is actually a favorite Arab way of killing captives in wartime. In the Algerian Civil War, many French soldiers were executed in just this way. One can see photos online of French soldiers with their penises chopped off and stuffed in their mouths. In this way, the dead person is mutilated and humiliated even in death.

Gaddafi was murdered in a similar way, captured, beaten near death and then sodomized with a large pointed iron rod apparently sufficient to cause his death.

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