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Vanity? Really?

By Misslara16 @misslara

Vanity? Really?
You gotta love those abs!!! LOL
Tonight I was at the gym with my Gym buddies and we got talking after 60 sit ups, I was panting, so I had to catch my breath before I joined in the conversation... Basically they were discussing ways in which working out was some kind of vanity... saying that the body does not deserve that much attention since life is fickle and could end at any time. I could reason with them because sometimes the attention we give to our bodies and the fuss we make about keeping them a certain way is extreme and maybe not worth it.... We should pay attention to other parts of our lives much more than we do our looks so we can have a well rounded life.
Our spirituality is a very  important part of our existence, I have been watching you tube videos for a few days now and everyone is either teaching eyebrow routines or some make up technique... if half of those messages and videos were about peace, love and God our world will be a better place.
Vanity? Really?
I am not saying working out or wanting a perfect eyebrow to the extent of 'using rulers to measure eyebrow lengths" are totally crazy I'm just saying the attention we give to our bodies should be give to our souls, our characters, careers and relationship with others. We should invest in bigger and more important things that will not only benefit our souls, spirituality and bodies but also benefit our world around us... That said...I'm still hitting the Gym tomorrow same time!
                               See ya!

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