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Valentine Day Gifts for Her

By Sugandha Choudhary @sugandha04

GIFT? VALENTINE DAY? FOR GIRLFRIEND? FOR WIFE?..Okay wife and girlfriend not meant for one guy! Either you have a wife or girlfriend. Jokes apart its a serious matter to find the perfect gift for your loved one and making her happy. There are endless options to choose from, but lets just stick to a few for the sake of this post.

1. SPA DAY: This is an ideal VALENTINE DAY GIFT gift for your wife. She would certainly appreciate the gesture that you do see her hard work and you want her to feel pampered. If kids are not in the equation then you might also opt for a couple’s spa session.

valentines day gifts for her


2. JEWELRY: No woman either girlfriend or wife says no this Valentine day gift one. But be sure that your choice will be accepted and liked only then go for this surprise. If you are thinking of proposal then no better day and no better gift.

top 5 gifts for her

3.GIFT VOUCHER:If you are an avid shopper and you know your better half enjoys shopping from a certain place, retail outlet, or a particular brand and you are unsure what to get her a gift voucher is the ideal gift.

Its more of a practical gift than an emotional one but atleast your money would be put to good use.She wont mind it, but please let this not be your only gift. Accompany it with flowers and a sorry look saying I tried a lot but couldnt decide what to get you.

valentines day gift ideas


4. FLOWERS: Love doesnt need to be expressed only by emptying your wallet, if you cant at the moment spend a lot and your feelings are affection are genuine just go with a flower or flowers and lots of love in your heart and eyes it will all be conveyed.

valentine day gift for her


Whereas if money is not an issue even then you can go all out with lots and lots and lots of flowers. Be creative.Instead of just bouquets make a flower path to the bedroom, or maybe to the restaurant table you are having dinner at.

valentines day gift idea or her


Put some flowers on the fan in the middle of the night when she is sleeping and when she wakes up switch the fan on and shower her with flower petals.

5. PHOTO ALBUM: No please dont just go and buy her a photo album, collect your favorite photos or things that remind you of  important milestones in your relationship and get those photos printed and put them in the album and then gift it to her.

Album page - romantic background with frames, rose, lace, pearl,

What a girl likes and appreciates is the effort that goes into the gift, not how expensive it is. Though we dont mind the expensive ones too.

So there are a lot of ideas and lot of ways to get creative and make your loved one happy. But the most important thing is to just express your feelings. The essence of this day is to take the time out of our busy days for our loved one and to make that one person feel very special and let them see your love .

So whatever you choose to gift a flower or a diamond remember to just enjoy the day with your love! Hope these ideas come in handy this Valentine’s Day!

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Hope all of you have a love filled Valentine Day Until next time…

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