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Circus in China

By Rosaliecarter

One of the most spectacular arts of China is of course circus. This art has been originated from the every day working routine of the plain peasants. During performing their every day activities the people used every single opportunity to develop their stamina and adroitness. Later the circus art became the obligatory part of Chinese martial and religious ceremonies. That’s why a wide range of weapon and household utensils are used in the modern Chinese circus performances. In the past the people used the things that they could easily find in their houses, such as plates or jars. Using plain chairs and other pieces of furniture the people developed the flexibility of their their bodies. Many of the acrobatic performances were originally some certain kinds of sports or games.

Circus in China

One of the most popular moments in the Chinese circus performances is throwing and catching the boomerangs. This traditional entertainment is based on the ancient way to get food. The Chinese women and children could bring down fruit from the highest tress with the help of wooden or bone boomerang. The modern performers use more than three boomerangs simultaneously and are able o catch each of them with any part of their bodies.

Acrobatics reached the peak of its popularity in the fifth century B. C. It became a specific kind of art and the noble families invite the acrobats to their houses to watch the captivating performances. Gradually the tricks become more and more complicated and the new equipment appears. However in the nineteenth century the circus art acquired some derogatory meaning in the society of that-day China.

Circus in China

Today the interest towards the circus art is gradually revealing in China. The Chinese are proud of the fact that the circus art of their country is considered to be one of the oldest in the world as it is more than two thousand years old.

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