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UTI : Do You Have It ?

Posted on the 13 November 2011 by Medicalminds @Sarina_Med

Urinary Tract Infection is  one of the most common infections for females. It is usually defined as the infection of the kidney, urethra, bladder and the urethra.

Females are more prone to this disease because:

• Close anatomical proximity of the anus with the urethra

• Females don’t have prostate, which in men secrete prostatic fluid which has anti bacterial property

• Women have shorter urethra than males

• The colonization of the vagina by normal flora ( Bacteria and other organisms that normally reside in the human body)

What are the symptoms?

• Dysuria ( Extreme Pain During Micturation )

• Frequency of micturation

• Burning Sensation during Micturation

• Curdy or whitish clot appearing with the urine

• Fever ( always not present )

• Pain in the lower part of the abdomen

What are the agents that cause this?

Escherichia Coli (almost 90 % cases) are caused by this bacterium; other agents can also cause this infection like Candia Albicans.

Who are the susceptible people?

• Diabetic persons have more chances of developing this

• Neuropathy of any sort

• Uterine Prolapse ( the uterus has prolapsed or lost its normal anatomical position)

• Vesico- ureteric reflux( meaning: the urine flows from the bladder to the urethra )

• People admitted in hospital who use catheter for urine excretion for several days.

Why does this happen?

Urine is a favorable site for bacterial growth, when urinary outflow is obstructed by any means like a stone or any kind of urinary out flow failure (uterine prolapse, diabetic neuropathy, use of urinary catheter). The bacteria from the lower part of the body i.e. from the urethra enters the bladder in ascending fashion, colonizes and starts creating the above mentioned problems.

What should be done?

If the above mentioned symptoms match consult a physician, he will prescribe an antibiotic for the course of 3 days.

How can You Protect Yourself?

UTI : Do You Have It ?
• Drink plenty amount of water, coconut juice, Cranberry Juice is extremely helpful during this time.

• Maintain a clean hygiene.

• Avoid whipping your anus after defecation from the backward to forward direction, If You do that than the bacteria from the anus might enter the urethra.  [in the above mentioned picture, the bladder is in-front ( Right side of picture) of your body and the anus is backward (Left side ) ]

• Avoid taking any bath but go for shower instead

• Avoid using any products which are perfumed in the genital area

• It is advised not to use Tampons, use sanitary pads instead.

• For Post Menopausal women, estrogen creams have shown to decrease the risk

• Avoid Bath Oil

• Life Changes especially when you have had this once, chances that the symptoms may reoccur.

What are the Complications?

Most cases are asymptomatic, only detected in routine checkups which usually regress on its own.

If the bacteria are virulent then the bacteria may cause infection of the kidney (pyelonephritis) which may even lead to kidney failure.

For Pregnant women, UTI may be serious as chances of neonatal meningitis are increased during birth.

Get prepared girls, you are bound to get this once in your life time.

Get Informed People!

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