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“USreal”: How Israel Controls America

Posted on the 05 December 2014 by Calvinthedog

Jason Y writes:

It all boils down to having a base. The US needs a massive base in the middle east, and Israel is it. I could be wrong, though. Any ideas out there?

This is the Leftist theory that Israel is “our aircraft carrier in the Middle East.” In other words, Israel is a US colony.The “Israeli aircraft carrier” argument is very popular on the US Left, no matter how crazy it is. They have adopted this argument because they do not want to tell the truth – which is that the Jewish Lobby controls the US in some ways and the US is an Israeli colony, not the other way around. They consider those arguments to be anti-Semitic, and the US Left doesn’t do anti-Semitism. So they come up with the “base in the Middle East” argument in order not to sound like Jew-haters.

Yet the fact is that Israel controls the US, not the other way around. They say jump and we say how high. It is completely irrational because the alliance with Israel doesn’t give us any benefits. Anyway, we don’t even have any bases in the region. The bases are all in the Gulf.

Israel is a liability, not an asset. It makes no sense for us to have an “Israeli base” in the Middle East. All that “base” has done is infuriate Arabs and Muslims and embroiled us in war and war along with provoking terror attacks against us, including 911.

One of the major reasons for the 911 attacks was US support for Israel.

Our alliance with Israel was the reason for The War on the Iraqi People (WOTIP) in 2003 and it was related to the Afghan War because Al Qaeda set up camp in Afghanistan and used it to plot 911 which was provoked by our support for Israel.

After the WOTIP, Saddam, an enemy of Israel, was captured and killed by US proxies. See, we even kill Israel’s enemies for it. We overthrow the governments that are enemies of Israel, and we kill the anti-Israel leaders. We work for Israel, not the other way around.

The US entered Lebanon in 1982 and quickly got embroiled in that mess. 343 US soldiers were killed in a truck bomb attack, the US Embassy was car bombed, and Hezbollah was created. Hezbollah was created by the US intervening in Lebanon in support of Israel’s invasion.

The only reason we are bombing Syria now and arming the stupid Syrian rebels is because Assad is said to be an enemy of the US. Why? Because he is an enemy of Israel.

Iran has nothing to do with US national security. Our entire beef with Iran is wrapped up in our support for Israel. If we didn’t support Israel, we could have good relations with Iran now.

Libya was an enemy of Israel, so the government was overthrown and Israel’s enemy Ghaddafi was killed.

This all boils down to the strength of the Jewish Lobby in the US. Furthermore, apparently large numbers of Americans support Israel. Any politician who goes against Israel often finds himself destroyed by Jews in our heavily Jewish media. Congressmen who went against Israel have been defeated by the Lobby. The Jewish Lobby is like the NRA. Everyone is afraid of them. Also Jews give 60% of the money that the Democratic Party gets and 30% of the money that the Republican Party gets. If the Democrats go against Israel, the Jews will cut off the money, and the party will be screwed.

Furthermore there is excellent evidence that the Israelis have completely penetrated every important branch of the US government with their spies. A former US military officer told me, “We got totally penetrated as early as the early 1980’s  and we have remained penetrated ever since.” Apparently Israeli control of the US state is so extreme that no attempts can be made to root out the Israeli spies. If you try to go after the Israeli spies rooted all through our government, your political career is over. It’s a career killer.

Many of the Jews in the US government are traitors to America with dual loyalty issues. They are more loyal to Israel than they are to the US. Their job is to get us to fight Israel’s wars for them. Israel also have quite a few Gentile allies. Many Gentiles in the Deep State are strongly allied to Israel. The Pentagon has a deep relationship with the Israeli military. If you are against Israel, your career in the US government will end and your membership in the Deep State will be revoked. All members of the Deep State must support Israel. It is a requirement.

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