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Using Your T-shirt to Judge Craft Beer

By Fibers @fibers

If you’re a craft beer fan you probably know it is currently Craft Beer week. You’ve probably also longed for a t-shirt to help you adequately judge the density of craft beers, well the wait is over. Here are Fibers.com we’re constantly brainstorming ways to innovate the beer tasting experience, usually just by drinking beer; but this time I think we’ve hit a breakthrough. I introduce to you the Beer Color Guide t-shirt!

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Now when you’re out tasting beers you can refer to your shirt to check the density. The colors represent SRM from 1 (being the lightest) to 40 being the darkest. According to the Beer Judge Certification Program, “In a laboratory SRM (Standard Reference Method) is determined by measuring the diminution in the intensity of a beam of blue light (430 nm) as it passes through 1 cm of beer. SRM is the logarithm of the light loss (absorption) multiplied by 12.7.” Ooooo, science!

Here’s how to use your Beer Color Guide T-shirt:

  • Use a glass or hard plastic cup with a path or 5 cm, if you can’t find such a chalice pour beer 5 cm deep and look at it from the top down (we’re going for how much light passes through 5 cm of beer)
  • Hold against a white background, if you order your custom Beer Color Guide T-shirt in white you can use the margins of the t-shirt as your background
  • Look at the beer and hold near your shirt, looking for a match. The colors aren’t numbered on the shirt, but if you start with one and know that the top row is 1-10, second row is 11-20, you can figure it out pretty easily. You probably won’t find an exact match, so go for the closest lightness/darkness instead of hue.

Or, you can just enjoy a beautiful craft beer t-shirt design and drink a beer because it tastes good and the t-shirt is comfy and stylish. If you need more help assessing your libation check out the Beer Judge Certification Program‘s website, all members get a free BJCP color guide.

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Looking for more custom beer t-shirts to celebrate Craft Beer week in? Browse our selection and customize your own t-shirt for a unique and personal flavor, just like your own batch of homebrew.

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