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Using Hidden Spy Apps for Android to Control Children

Posted on the 07 October 2019 by Rahulthepcl

Communication has become comfortable in today's life. With the internet in its full glory, it has become straightforward to communicate and connect with people across the globe. Responsibly using the internet is essential for the safekeeping of an individual. However, there is a difference in how an adult and a child uses it. Hoverwatch application comes to parents' rescue.

How Best to Secure a Child?

The online games, and the technology of connecting anyone and everyone has adverse effects on children at times. The children are distracted and are exposed to the dangers of the cyberworld. Since cyberspace has concealed identity, children become vulnerable to being bullied. The Hoverwatch app helps the parents keep track of the online
activities of their children. This is a safeguard that the parents can adopt. This application doubles up as a keylogger, which holds a record of whatever is typed on the phone.

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is one of the best & hidden spy apps for android. It is a full feature spyware app. This application can help parents check phone logs, application data such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, location, SMS, and MMS.

Using Hidden Spy Apps for Android to Control Children

Hoverwatch offers basic to advanced features. The application comes with varied forms of subscriptions. The application is easy to use and a boon for the parents to keep a check on their kids. Windows, Mac, and Android support the app.

Main Functionality

Hoverwatch comes with the following features for the parents to keep track of their kids' devices:

1. Recording Calls and Data

The application supports all the conversation logs. Along with the name of contact, the duration of the conversation, time, and date., i.e., with all metadata.

2. Keeps the Tracker Invisible

The app works well in stealth mode. Unless the owner knows what to look for and where to look for, the app cannot be tracked. Whether or not the device is rooted, the application runs in the background secretly. One of the great features of this spyware app is that it doesn't drain the battery of the device.

3. Texting Management:

Stores all the chatlogs and the metadata of it shared over WhatsApp, SMS, and MMS. The images on MMS can be stored and viewed at the personal account of the Hoverwatch user. Every single file, including images, videos, and audio shared in the chat, can be considered and logged.

4. Track Five Devices from One Account

application allows us to track up to five devices from a single account. The logs are kept separate and are not merged.

5. Camera Access

Hoverwatch application gives its user access to the camera of the device. The snapshots can be checked for in the reports section of the logs folder of the app. The parents can use this feature for taking pictures from their kids' phones to gather information about their whereabouts.

Using Hidden Spy Apps for Android to Control Children

6. SIM Card Information

The app keeps the SIM logs. In case the owner of the phone decides to change the SIM, the new information is shared with the user. The other app logs and camera accesses are not revoked even after the SIM card is broken; the location can still be tracked.

7. Geolocation Tracking

The app always shares the location of the device with its Cell Spy installed. Hoverwatch makes sure that the battery of the invention is not drained. This feature is also helpful in theft detection. The location logs are real-time. The geolocation tracker uses Wi-Fi signals, GPS, and cell tower location for accuracy.

8. Internet Activity

The browsing history of the user is shared. All the websites visited by the owner of the device are logged and can be viewed on the account.

Using Hidden Spy Apps for Android to Control Children

9. Social Network Tracker

Use snapchat a lot these days, and it is essential to monitor their use on this app. There have been cases of teen nudity over Snapchat and the pictures and videos being used for child pornography. Thus, making it necessary for parents to monitor the child's access to all these. Apart from this, the other social networking sites such as Instagram, Viber, Facebook are also tracked.

10. Android Screenshots and to-do list

Feature of Android Screenshots is created by Hoverwatch to take periodic screenshots of the device. The feature manages to check the smartphone use and store the screenshots and logs.


To use the app, follow the steps:

2. Navigate to the webpage of Hoverwatch and create an account with email and password by clicking on "Sign Up Free."

Using Hidden Spy Apps for Android to Control Children

8. Now the device is all set up and can be tracked with the account.

Pricing of Hoverwatch

The software has three plans to choose from, the plans are available monthly, quarterly or annually-

Using Hidden Spy Apps for Android to Control Children

Plan prices are €24.95, €59.95, and €99.95 for the state. This tracks only one device


are priced €49.95, €99.95, and €199.95 and can be used for five devices.

are priced €149.95, € 299.95, and €499.95 and can be used for tracking 25 devices.

Conclusion and Results

Hoverwatch is a practical and straightforward application for monitoring. Android, Windows, and Mac support the app. The app can be easily installed on the target device. However, the app is unavailable for iPhone, and some users have a problem getting a timely reply from the technical support.
The app is improving on these factors and is recommended by us for the parents who want to keep track of their kids' devices. The app helps the parents know what is going on in their children's lives and assists in keeping them safe in cyberspace. The prices are competitive, and the app is relatively simple to use. We hope this review is helpful to you.

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