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6 Best Ways To Immigrate To Canada in 2021

Posted on the 04 August 2021 by Rahulthepcl

Whether you are a student or someone who wants to get a job in Canada. This article will help you in choosing the right path to your dream country.

We came up with a list to help you with a list of options made Green Path Immigration & Paralegal Services

Are You Thinking Of Moving To Canada?

Express Entry

If you want to move into Canada quickly as possible, Express Entry is the right option for you. Here is a detailed list of programs you can qualify for:

* Federal Skilled Worker Program

This program requires you to have certain standards about your job experiences, educational background, and various personal details about you. You will also need to be capable of speaking English or French.

An immigrant also needs to have funds to support himself moving to a new country. Containing the said requirements, you will now move on to the next step, which is completing an Express Entry profile. It will be less stressful as long as you have a clean criminal background and no existing illness. If you happen to have problems with the said difficulties, this may result in failing to move to Canada.

* Federal Skilled Trades Program

This program qualifies for proficient laborers who wish to move into Canada. You will need to be approved on a skilled trade. Being able to speak, write, and read English is also a must. Since you are applying for a professional trade program, your job description is important.

You must have two years of job involvement; free-willed works and internships are not acknowledged. You must be experiencing attains to the requirements, and if not, your application will be declined.

* Canadian Experience Class

This program is intended for individuals with a professional working experience in Canada. This program has emerged for short-term laborers and overseas graduates containing good job experience.

This was arranged for those who had job experience in Canada and wishes to be long-term residents. If you want to apply to this class, you must have at least a year of permanent job experience in the country. You must also attain the required language levels of English or French.

Provincial Nominees

Do you dream of a specific region or province that you want to live in? The Provincial Nominee Program is perfect for you, as this program focuses on individuals who wish to live in a specific place in a country.

You must remember that you need to have the expertise and good background to qualify for the program. Having such skills won't make them think that you are a burden to their place. Every province has its own goal in picking who they want to enter their area. Some prioritize students, and others prioritize professionals.

Family Sponsorship

Already have family members in Canada who is a permanent resident? Family sponsorship is the answer to make your Canadian dream come true. A long-time Canadian residing in the country can sponsor his family member who is at least 18 years old.

It is required to pass a background check and each family members over age 18 must submit police certificates from the country where they have lived most of their life, in addition to any country where they resided for more than 6 months.

Start-Up Visa

If you are an immigrant and planning to expand your own business in Canada, a Start-up Visa Program is the right choice for you. Your business must meet the qualifications needed to enter Canada with a working permit.

You must also have enough funds to support yourself in a foreign country. Secured investors are also vital to your application as they will support your work permit. Lastly, in entering a foreign country, you must speak their English or Spanish language fluently. Benefits of moving into Canada are: -

  • Tired of your current living status? Feeling exhausted and wants to experience a new? Canada provides what you wish for. Out of 200 countries, Canada ranked as the 9th country in providing the quality of life you want to experience. You deserve a better living experience. What are you waiting for? Move to your dream country now.
  • One of the benefit of living in Canada is you get to experience expert medical services. Canada and its healthcare system provide quality medication at reasonable fees. You can get various free medical benefits, especially if you are already a resident of Canada. In that case, illnesses or other medications shouldn't worry you in moving to another country.
  • Does your current country experiences chaos? Are you fed up with the endless noises? In Canada, they aim to give their people the security they want to feel. This country is perfect for you if you want a peaceful, clean, and serene environment. You do not need to worry about anything that might harm you while residing in Canada.
  • Canada offers overflowing opportunities as its economy keeps on increasing. It shouldn't be a hindrance, especially if you want to get a job or do business in this country. Canada aims to help its people in terms of having a great quality of life. A stable economy is what every country wants. To achieve its current state, Canada has exerted every effort to maintain its current successful economy.
  • Dreaming of studying in Canada? Or do you wish to get your kids to explore this country? You are making the best decision in your life. Provided with its stable economic growth, Canada aims to give its people the quality of education they deserve. Your child can enter many lists of schools and universities, and you do not have to worry about schooling when moving to Canada.

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