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How to Manage All Social Media In One Place

Posted on the 24 October 2021 by Rahulthepcl

Did you know that you can manage multiple social accounts in one place? If your thoughts have recently been resonating with this question, then you have come to the right place.
Let's say a person logs daily into their various networks to create, update, follow-up, and complete similar activities relevant to social media management. On the one hand, they find it challenging to jump between different platforms and perform repetitive tasks. And on the other hand, this person does not want to miss out on any step.

How to Manage All Social Media In One Place

Sounds familiar? If you answered yes, read the practical steps below to make your working hours a lot less hectic and a lot more smooth and enjoyable!

Develop a Strategy

90% of businesses do not go through with their strategies successfully. Why? Because they fail to implement it.

Keeping everyone on the same page can be challenging when you have many social media accounts to manage. Your social media strategy should include processes, policies, and a business style guide so that each team member knows what to do. Even though the objectives of each of your social media accounts may vary, drafting a defined plan can help keep everyone in sync with your business's mission.

How to Manage All Social Media In One Place

One way is to develop a three-tiered strategy structure:

  1. Headquarters: This level would cover all corporate planning covering your social media accounts.
  2. Divisions (X, Y): Your business scope and policies will be discussed and decided relevant to all your social media accounts.
  3. Departments (A, B, C, D): This level would include distributing marketing, conducting analysis, identifying alternatives, and more concerning the collective performance analysis of your social media accounts.
  4. An editorial calendar resembles a regular calendar with a business-like appearance. Its appearance will reflect the Make an Editorial Calendar Using an editorial calendar helps you plan the most basic yet most vital aspect of your content marketing, from what, why, when, where, to who; an editorial calendar will help you organize according to a timeline. You can manage your editorial calendar to engage with your users or visitors strategically via your content. business requirements of your brand. Using an editorial calendar will help you generate and plan content regularly and efficiently, irrespective of the size of your organization or the frequency of your content efforts.

Activity Monitoring and Involvement

If you aim to provide content that aligns with the latest trends or requires you to provide services that users are actively searching for, one key point to keep in mind is not to overlap with your competitors. This is possible by keeping track of mentions your brand has had on all your social media accounts.

You can understand the importance of this step through an example. Suppose a user wanting to purchase your product asks a related question in the public chat. However, since you have not been monitoring the mentions, you don't answer the user because you are unaware of the comment. After a year, you finally decide to go through the posts and engagement, you reply to the user. Now, imagine how disappointing this would be to your users. Moreover, it will portray your brand as lazy, unconcerned, and inactive.

How to Manage All Social Media In One Place

The same goes for keywords. To stay on top of the Google search results, it is essential to keep track of the proper keywords to include in your posts on your social media accounts. These practices will help your brand build trust with your users, increase base followers, and increase sales.

Conduct a performance analysis on each of your social media accounts. Bring these results together and notice which ones have been responding well to your strategy.

Check which accounts are contributing the least and if you require them. Also, note the ones which have been lagging, and as a solution, craft new ways to bring it forward.

You will get a grasp of these if you look at the data collectively. Only by putting your strategy into action and analyzing the results will you be able to fine-tune your social media strategy.

How to Manage All Social Media In One Place

For instance, craft a set of questions based on your business needs:

  • How many people have viewed your posts on each of the social media accounts?
  • How many of them have liked and commented on your posts?
  • What are the audience growth metrics?

The Bottom Line

Your business may require multiple social media accounts for different reasons. However, before setting them up, it is critical to understand what role they would be playing. Avoid doing so just because a competitor did it because their reasons and business objectives are not identical to yours. Moreover, every business has limited resources, and you should make the most of yours to get the most out of social media.

So, for the best returns and effective management, select those who will contribute efficiently to your brand's vision and mission. It's vital to use the proper software solutions to assist you in managing everything once you've created a social media plan and set up accounts across different social networks. This will help in coordinating the activities of everyone on your social media team and allow them to connect and collaborate.

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