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6 Best Medical Practice Management Software In 2021

Posted on the 22 July 2021 by Rahulthepcl

All medical facilities will require medical practice management software to run smoothly, helping with clerical tasks and patient records. Proper medical software is vital for healthcare facilities, and without the right software, you might overlook the important nuances. This leads to incorrectly servicing your patients.

That is where healthcare software development comes along. With built-in features like updated ICD-9 codes, auto-populate fields, and more in mind, you won't spend too much time having to flip through coding books to get the correct codes.

Furthermore, when you use manual medical data and charts from filing cabinets, it would be challenging to manage patient information, especially when expanding the medical facility. You might have to spend hours and hours looking for just one file!

With the correct medical practice management software, you get to reduce the number of tedious tasks to perform, saving you and the team a ton of time to achieve your goals. You can get all the patient information you need within minutes, including their medical history, contact information, and notes about their specific medical needs.

But wait! Before investing in software, which one is the best for your medical facility? This article will tackle the 6 best medical practice software to help narrow down your options and get you the most suitable one.

Top 6 Medical Practice Management Software

Without further ado, let's quickly dive into the topic:

Epic is a solution catering to all aspects of medical practice, a comprehensive and easy-to-use software. It covers most medical management areas, including

  • Support for focused specialties
  • Improvement of patient experience and engagement
  • Support for focused specialties
    6 Best Medical Practice Management Software In 2021

Besides the management features mentioned, you can find other features that can improve daily functions, such as workflow, statement consolidation, paperless billings, and coding automation.

Epic also includes built-in electronic medical record systems, allowing the providers, staff, and clients to collaboratively view and manage their medical records. Thanks to this important feature, there is a centralized location for anyone to access the records (with permission) no matter where they are within the medical facility. The built-in tools and healthcare analytics allow the staff to identify the high-risk patients, offering the best-individualized treatment.

Besides this, the software helps patients see their prescriptions, contact their healthcare provider, and even book appointments without making a phone call. There are also personalized outpatient self-care recommendations to keep patients well-informed.

2. Kareo

This software is best for independent medical practices, allowing owners to tailor the platform to whatever facility type. For example, your independent practice needs a solution to help manage billing to ensure payments continue coming in. Yes, medical billing can get quite complicated. But with Kareo, the tasks get easier as they offer billing management software for you to collect payments efficiently.

One ideal example is the accounts receivables. The software has a claim tracking software, so it reduces delays and confusion for independent practices. The software also has analytic tools, which are helpful when requiring health snapshots to maintain your budget.

You can also take advantage of its appointment and scheduling features, which make the process smoother. Such features offer personalized alerts, scheduling capabilities, and custom appointment reminders. As a result, you have increased patient satisfaction and closer relationships with them.

It is essential to focus on the patients, especially when you want to expand the facility over time. The software offers Kareo Engage for this goal, offering online communications and care reminders to encompass end-to-end customer experiences. This keeps patients happier and healthier.

The system is HER-integrates, so one can manage patient records and write notes and scripts quickly. Overall, this software can help facilities handle unique challenges efficiently, being a customizable software meeting unique needs.

3. WebPT

The WebPT software makes things very easy for therapy professionals that aim to improve patient care and experience. You can maximize the potential of your clinic's physical therapy using the documentation features and marketing tools. This medical practice software also offers financial trend analysis so that you can improve the accounting workflow. Practices will also appreciate the intuitive dashboard, making it easier to schedule appointments while celebrating patient milestones.

Physical therapy facilities need to document information as much as possible. They will need to monitor the many variables while coordinating a ton of documents. For old clinics, you can update medical practice records and manage them better with this software. It offers a built-in customer EMR to keep patients' progress reports safe and secure. In a few steps, you can check and share patients' outcomes as needed.

This software isn't only for physical therapists. It's a helpful tool for outpatient rehab service providers, too! Language and speech pathologists, along with occupational therapists, can take advantage of the software features.

4. LumaHealth

Medical practice management comes in various shapes and sizes, with LumaHealth bringing the focus to patients. The software helps keep patients informed of their care, which is just as crucial as billing and scheduling. This platform specializes in connecting patients with care providers and specialty clinics.

Patients can utilize the text messaging feature to ask questions, securely receive updates through phone, along with receiving details of their prescriptions and lab results. The tool can help patients and providers communicate in more than 20 different languages if your clinic has a diverse patient list.

Also, clinics can automatically send out educational content to their patients, making this a great feature and comprehensive tool for clinics with patients that have specific post-care guidance.

This is the perfect tool for those who require something to build around their practice. It has a focused approach for medical procedures and health records, addressing unique challenges. Plus, you can create specialty EHR!

You can add customizable fields like medication and demographic fields for those specializing in internal medicine, allergy, immunity, dermatology, or OB/GYN.

Besides this, you can take advantage of its billing features, which are essential for any practice's wellbeing. With DrChrono, one can achieve better collection for payments and claim rates through the integrated tools handling the complexity of billing processes.

6. Greenway Health

Greenway Health medical practice software connects healthcare providers to the right information and insights, offering improved patient care. It helps meet physicians' goals, benefiting patients, staff, and strategic partners.

This would come with practice management and health record features that small and large practices can utilize. Furthermore, it has clinical and prescribing alerts, along with a dashboard to track your progress for PHRS and clinical quality measures.

To Summarize

The right software is crucial to help with the efficiency of medical practices. A medical practice management software can help you with that, offering facilities the right solutions to many problems faced by midsized and independent practices. Furthermore, using software will help keep your patients' health in check as you streamline the necessary clerical work for medical practice.

I hope you find this guide fruitful, and it helped you in better understanding the functionality of medical practice software and gave you the place to begin looking for the most suitable one. I wish you the best of luck with your search! If you'd like to share your insights and reviews of any of these tools, do share them in the comments section below.

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