Veronica Lopez


I am Veronica (Vero Supertramp). Everyone asks me if 'Supertramp' is from Alexander Supertramp (Christopher McCandless) or the British band of the same name. But no. Although I pretty much like both, the band and MacCandless' story, the name actually comes from biology and ecology where a supertramp specie is an animal that is in constant change of environment, like birds or some species of fishes. Us humans have been in constant movement for ages, and I have been moving around too: from my homeland Venezuela to Brazil (where my family now lives), to the Netherlands where I am creating my own life. I've also lived for shorter periods of time in Norway (for a whole year) and the USA (for some months).

For a couple of years I had a blog with the same name as this one, Vero Supertramp, but due to my forgetful demeanour I never learned the password I created and I lost it with no possibility of recovering it. That's why this is my second - and hopefully successful - attempt of blogging. I will try my best to pass most of the content FROM the previous blog to this one so I can enjoy remembering about my adventures and the followers (if I get lucky and have some) can take a look at the places I've been and also know a little bit more about me, and can observe my progress in photography.


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    Vero Supertramp is a travel and photography blog, where I show through writing and images about my life and adventures.