Tracy Goodwin


My name is Tracy Goodwin and I am 32 years old. I live in Austin, TX with my wife and 2 children. I am preparing to start a masters program in political science at Stony Brook University in NY. In graduate school I plan to study social movements like occupy wall street, the tea party and the arab spring. I earned a bachelors of science in psychology and a bachelors of arts in philosophy from Arizona State University. I spent the last 2 1/2 years of undergrad working in psychiatric facilities so I am quite familiar with mental illness both from my education and experience. Currently I work as an actuary / statistician for the state of TX. I forecast Medicaid costs and caseload which gives me an intimate view of health care and health care related issues. I draw on my varied experiences in developing new ideas and solutions for the problems we face.


  • SocioPolitical Dysfunction

    SocioPolitical Dysfunction - Politics in a Psychotic World

    The US is at war, our national debt is growing at an alarming rate, unemployment is high, the economy is down, corporate money is flooding the political landscape and individual rights are being trampled. Yet when we need solutions all our politicians can do is bicker amongst themselves like a bunch of children. Congress would rather argue over ideology than try and fix the problems that face our nation.

    SocioPolitical Dysfunction is a blog for the discussion of both the problems and solutions. This is a place for civil and rational discussion of issues rather than focusing on political talking points. The purpose is to seek pragmatic solutions instead of focusing on purely ideological positions.