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President Obama, If You Believe in NSA Surveillance, We Challenge You to a Live, Public Debate with Edward Snowden.

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Tracy Goodwin @TKGoodwin

we petition the obama administration to:

President Obama, if you believe in NSA surveillance, we challenge you to a live, public debate with Edward Snowden.

President Obama, you have said that the NSA’s blanket tracking of Americans’ phone calls and collaboration with tech giants “struck the right balance” and that you “welcome this debate”. You must agree that this issue is worthy of your time, and as our president you are the best qualified person to make the case in favor of broad surveillance. To make the opposing case, we can think of no one better than whistleblower Edward Snowden. Like you, he has access to the data showing the tradeoff between securing America and damaging democracy (which at this point the public does not). He speaks with breathtaking clarity, and has left behind a comfortable life, facing death for the strength of his convictions. If you are as strong in yours, you owe him (and us) 1 hour of your time for this.

- We the People petition for a debate between Obama and Snowden

If Obama truly ‘welcomes’ the debate over surveillance and privacy in the US then he should demonstrate his conviction with a public debate against Edward Snowden. Snowden is better positioned to debate the merits and flaws of surveillance than most citizens since he has a better understanding of classified surveillance programs than citizens are allowed to have. The public would like to see both sides lay out their reasons for surveillance and privacy thus a public debate would be ideal for this. If you agree then please sign the petition urging Obama to debate Snowden on the We the People website.


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