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Shut Down the NSA’s 1.2 Billion Dollar Utah Data Center

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Tracy Goodwin @TKGoodwin

we petition the obama administration to:

Shut down the NSA’s 1.2 billion dollar Utah Data Center

The Utah Data Center is a data farm that will begin harvesting emails, phone records, text messages and other electronic data in September.

Look at our tax dollars at work. Our tax dollars are being used for something illegal, unconstitutional, and unagreed upon by the American public. How wasteful… Petition to take down this data center.

- We the People petition to Shut down the NSA Utah Data Center

While the public is outraged by the NSA surveillance programs the Obama administration continues forward on expanding such programs. They are building a NSA data center in Utah to help collect all of the information gather through NSA surveillance programs. It is so much information that it must be measured in zetabytes which is one trillion gigabytes. If you do not support the NSA gathering vast amounts of data on everybody inside and outside of the US then sign the petition on the We the People website.


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