• Richly Middle Class

    We are a few Ladies and Gents, people really, just like you. We are moms and dads, with great kids that make us question our choices often. We have lived life to the fullest – suffered, cried, laughed, loved and lost. Some of us come from homes that look like they could be condemned and others have grown up with amazing opportunities.

    In all of our experiences, the most important lesson we have learned is to laugh, to share, and even to mentor on some level. We have had many experiences in our lives and each of us different. We are all grateful for each other because our backgrounds, while diverse, have made us appreciate and learn from each other.


  • Happy National Nothing Day

    Happy National Nothing

    The last few months we have all been running around with all the holidays events that come up at the end of the year. Do you find that you are exhausted and jus... Read more

    Posted on 16 January 2013 FAMILY
  • A Book a Day: How to Raise a Reader

    Book Day: Raise Reader

    The latest study by the NAAL (National Assessment of Adult Literacy) indicates that over thirty-two million American adults are illiterate. That is 14 percent o... Read more

    Posted on 15 January 2013 FAMILY
  • Lies That Men Hate

    Lies That Hate

    First of all, I have to say: I have never been married. I am often asked how I made it to the grand, old age of thirty-eight without once walking down the aisle... Read more

    Posted on 14 January 2013 FAMILY, MARRIAGE
  • In Celebration of Make Your Dreams Come True Day

    Celebration Make Your Dreams Come True

    We all have lots of dreams…winning the lottery, becoming rich and famous, or even as simple as having a house with a white picket fence or beating your sales... Read more

    Posted on 13 January 2013 FAMILY
  • Has A Pick Up Line Ever Worked?

    Pick Line Ever Worked?

    Everyone has been in a situation where someone of the opposite sex has come up and started to flirt. When you are considering a potential date, what really work... Read more

    Posted on 12 January 2013 FAMILY
  • Debunking Weight Loss Myths

    Debunking Weight Loss Myths

    It’s only human nature for us to look for a “quick fix” on things as tedious and unentertaining as weight loss. Throughout the years, several weight loss myths... Read more

    Posted on 07 January 2013 FAMILY
  • Accepting the Behavior Of Your Children

    Accepting Behavior Your Children

    We all want to believe that our children are sweet little angels. We have carried these children for nine months, changed diapers, watched them take their... Read more

    Posted on 06 January 2013 FAMILY
  • Weekend Inspiration

    Weekend Inspiration

    Cherish your human connections – your relationships with friends and family.  Barbara Bush On Thursday night for the first time in a long while, we played some... Read more

    Posted on 05 January 2013 FAMILY
  • What Does TRUE Friendship Mean to You?

    What Does TRUE Friendship Mean You?

    The topic of this article causes me to do a bit of soul searching.  Let me ask, have you ever wondered how many friends you think you’ll have in a lifetime?  No... Read more

    Posted on 04 January 2013 FAMILY
  • Do You Have the Winter Blues?

    Have Winter Blues?

    “Some days I was so exhausted I couldn’t even get out of bed,” commented perky, blonde Patty. Cindy, a vivacious brunette added, “I was so depressed that... Read more

    Posted on 03 January 2013 FAMILY, LIFE COACH
  • Decluttering Your Life

    Decluttering Your Life

    The end of 2012 was been a bit crazy for me. But, there were good things because I learned that I can move back to the Washington, DC area. Read more

    Posted on 02 January 2013 FAMILY, LIFE COACH
  • Happy New Year!

    Happy Year!

    Here is to wishing you a very Happy New Year As you approach the new year, We hope you laugh more sing louder love harder dream bigger and you work hard to... Read more

    Posted on 01 January 2013 FAMILY
  • National Make Up Your Mind Day!

    National Make Your Mind Day!

    Are you Indecisive?    Cannot make a decision?  Better yet are you, a procrastinator? Someone who will put off today what you can do tomorrow? Today is the... Read more

    Posted on 31 December 2012 FAMILY
  • This Year I Resolve to

    This Year Resolve

    As 2012 winds down, thoughts of 2013 and new beginnings begin to dominate. With this comes formulation of New Year’s resolutions. Read more

    Posted on 30 December 2012 FAMILY
  • Weekend Inspiration

    Weekend Inspiration

    As the New Year approaches and we start to think about all the things we want to change in our lives, remember how important it is to LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE... Read more

    Posted on 29 December 2012 FAMILY
  • Tips for Dealing with Post Holiday Depression

    Tips Dealing with Post Holiday Depression

    There is no time of year more closely linked to depression than Christmas. Suicide rates peak in December. Crime and violence are at a yearly high. Post-... Read more

    Posted on 28 December 2012 FAMILY
  • What Makes You Happy

    What Makes Happy

    Happiness is one of those subjective things that you really cannot wrap your head around most of the time.  We are all different.  What is happiness to one... Read more

    Posted on 27 December 2012 FAMILY
  • Happy National Whiners Day

    Happy National Whiners

    Are you a whiner or know someone who is one?  Let’s answer a questionnaire? Is your glass always half empty? Is nothing ever quite good enough for you? Do peopl... Read more

    Posted on 26 December 2012 FAMILY
  • Merry Christmas To You From Us

    Merry Christmas From

    “I want to wish you and yours the merriest of Christmas.  This has been an incredible year from me personally with starting RMC and partnering up with my best... Read more

    Posted on 25 December 2012 FAMILY
  • In Celebration of National Eggnog Day

    Celebration National Eggnog

    For most, including me, one wouldn’t know that there is an actual National Eggnog Day.  Well, believe it or not, there is and the timing couldn’t be better –... Read more

    Posted on 24 December 2012 FAMILY