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Lies That Men Hate

By Richlymiddleclass @richlymiddlecla

First of all, I have to say: I have never been married. I am often asked how I made it to the grand, old age of thirty-eight without once walking down the aisle. To be honest, I have been engaged twice. Each time, I was lied to–to the point that I just ended the relationship. Many of the lies were minor. Moreover, I did not understand the need for some of them. Let’s face it: We all lie from time to time. But, the women that I was involved with seem to have lying down to a science. I just got sick of it. I have met only one woman that truly tells me like it is. And, well, she is married. When she was not married, she never gave me more that the friendship time of day.

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Men hate being lied to about silly stuff. Women hate being lied to, as well, especially about the stupid stuff we guys come up with.  Boys, you know that we come up with some stupid lies. I am the first to admit that I have told some unbelievable ones back in the day before I started to realize it just ain’t (Yes, I used the word ain’t to symbolize I was an idiot!) worth the backlash. But it happens. People lie every day–whether we realize we’re lying or not! There are some lies that women tell that men hate more than others. The sad part of it is that most of the lies that women tell are senseless in the male handbook. Here are a few that really irk me:

“I don’t need your help on this.” If it’s something you’re struggling with, there is no shame in asking for help. But, women refuse to even admit they need it so that men won’t think they’re weak. Men don’t like this lie for two reasons: First, they know you’re going to eventually ask for help and when you do, you’ll most likely be aggravated that you had to do it. And when men do help they will have to fix whatever has been done to elevate the problem before they can begin to fix the original issue. Second, we men like to help. We like to feel needed. So, avoid the lie and let us help.

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“He’s just a friend.” This may or may not be true. But, either way, most men have heard it at least once in their lives. So, when a man hears, “He’s just a friend!”, a red flag goes up. If the guy is just a friend, you wouldn’t have to defend your friendship to the man you’re with. So, if you have friends of the opposite sex, introduce them to your boyfriend. Don’t make late night calls and meet him for lunch. We get suspicious just as you would if the roles were reversed.

“I’ll be ready soon.” No, you won’t. You’re never ready soon. And if your man is expecting to leave the house soon, he wants to leave the soon, not in an hour when you’ll really be ready. C’mon ladies! You know your dressing routine. You know how long it takes. If it takes you an hour, tell him you’ll be ready in an hour. Remember: Men like to do things. If he’s waiting for an hour, he can spend his waiting time doing other things. Or, if he is coming over to pick you up, he could arrive later. Avoid having him cool his heels waiting. It only makes him hot under the collar.

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“I’d love to go out sometime.” A man has no problem turning a woman down. We expect the same courtesy from you. Don’t get a man’s hopes up. If you aren’t interested, tell him no from the beginning. Save both of you some drama and confusion. If you tell us that you like us, we will call.

“I’m fine.” You know you aren’t fine. Men know you aren’t fine. Why not just tell us what’s wrong so we can fix whatever it is that’s made you upset? Sometimes, we don’t think or understand you. You’ll eventually tell us what is wrong anyway. So why not tell us when we ask you?

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“I am not very hungry.” What do you mean you’re not very hungry? I asked you out to dinner and you’re not very hungry. And then, to add insult to injury, you eat half the food on my plate. Ladies, we want you to eat. We know you do it. If you get invited out for a good meal, take advantage of our wallet. Eat well and be happy.

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“I have not dated that many people.” Men don’t care how many people you have dated in your past as long as you are loyal in the relationship with them. We would rather you come clean just in case you have dated a work colleague so we know how to address the situation if it ever comes up.

Ladies, we all know that people like to tell fibs at times. Some do it to protect themselves. Others do it to protect their partner. Men accept that you are going to lie about the cost of a pair of shoes or how much you spent on a dress. We are okay with that because we will lie about  what we paid for that golf club that was not really on sale. But, there are some lies that we just don’t like.

What are your thoughts on this? We’d like to hear from you!


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