• 50 Things

    What’s it all about?

    I’m Karen Macmillan. I run Fresh Air.

    As I approached my 50th birthday, once the impending sense of doom had passed, I realised it was a great time to embrace new things. So I asked friends, family and random strangers for suggestions of things to do in my year of being 50 to stretch, challenge and entertain me.

    It was an interesting process. I’m still looking for more suggestions. And I will do 50 of them this year.

  • Fresh Air

    Fresh Air is for people interested in living a fulfilling life and asking the big and little questions about what that means to each of us. If you are getting a bit fed up of the treadmill and want to start looking at doing things differently, this may be for you.

    What is fulfilling work? How do we get to do it?
    How can we be creative?
    How can we make a contribution?
    How can we get along better with people?
    How can we be still?

    No dogma, no *magic* solutions, just engaging and intelligent exploration of ideas and ways of working/being that are practical and useful.