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Anicca, Anicca

By Macnelliebus1 @macnelliebus

There’s nothing like a bit of perspective to restore sanity.  I’d got quite caught up in a mini drama of my own making.  Part of living an open hearted life means taking risks and going for what I want.  Of course, sometimes it doesn’t work out and when it’s to do with that tender spot in the heart it can be painful.  I allowed myself to get caught up in a cycle of hoping, wishing and projecting and it just wound me up and tired me out.  I didn’t handle it particularly well but nobody died and a good bawl and night’s sleep seems to have done the trick.  In the colder light of day I can see it was my attachment to the desired outcome that caused me the pain.  Letting go of that attachment and allowing whatever happens next to just happen as it will is the healthy way to go.  Everything passes.

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