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By Macnelliebus1 @macnelliebus

At first I had trouble remembering what I was doing this time last year.  I had some technical help.  An idone this calendar and the past events section of my Meetup group.  Once I started writing it all down, more memories flowed.  It’s been a rich and full year.

There were some landmarks.  Walking St Cuthbert’s Way in October was one.  I loved it and plan to walk the Camino de Santiago, so taken was I with the simplicity of distance walking.  A dating disaster and some nice dates that went nowhere.  Friendships that blossomed.  New friendships.  Work.  Worrying less about work.  Nice lodgers.  A Buddhist retreat.  Workshops and events led by good people. Conversations over food. More time in nature.  Learning different ways to be in nature.  Getting excited by ideas.  Taking inspiration from many different places.  Feeling soppy with gratitude for the kindness I’ve been shown and recognising that I’m getting better at taking the offered hand.  Learning to say yes without knowing how.

It’s been a good process to reflect and really account for all that has happened this year.  The gifts, the learnings, the cock-ups and the achievements.

Happy Christmas & all best for 2014.


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