Mackenzie Sheahan


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With a desire to collaborate and improve access to ideas, plans, and efforts to improve our educational community, Teaching Upstairs was created. Teachers who love creating and need an outlet outside of the school walls…or just want some great ideas and challenges you have found a great spot to land! We have the chance with todays technology to have places where we can find others with innovative ideas, creating almost like think tanks of teachers through out the web! So here we go…lets see what we can create by collaborating!

Mackenzie Sheahan

Mackenzie Sheahan is a wife, mother of two, and an Elementary Educator!
She has an undergrad in Elementary Education with endorsements in Early Childhood, Social Studies, Science, and Math. She completed her Masters in Early Childhood Education. Recently nominated for Michigan’s Teacher of The Year she presented at Michigan’s RTI Conference in 2010 and has co- published articles in the area of Effective Co-Teaching.