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Angular Wisdom Theorem

By Mackenzie Sheahan @kenziesheahan

Angular Wisdom TheoremOriginally posted on A Transient's Guide To Life & Leadership:

Wisdom What’s interesting about wisdom is that everybody has it… or at least some measure of it.  Wisdom as defined by is the  “knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action.”  That means whether you’re 4 or 40 years of age or are a rookie or a veteran that you indeed have wisdom which can lead to a correct action, it’s simply a matter of how much one possesses.

What are the implications of this?  In many instances, we have the ability to know what’s ‘true or right’ based on a couple experiences or a few years of learning and often ARE RIGHT.  The problem is when we take this method and haste and then apply it to areas that we are ill-informed or less experienced.   Because we’ve made a similar decision or assessment correctly once or twice before, we assume that we will be right, yet again…

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