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Showing Off Your Strengths!

By Mackenzie Sheahan @kenziesheahan

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So in my last rant I talked about a journey of discovering your strengths.  I know at least in the teaching world it is really easy to put ourselves( as well as, get put into) a personality type.  It is not only the personality type that is associated with us but the way we dress…the fact that we all must love apples… you all know what I am talking about.  Well here is your chance to break the mold!!!  Show off your strengths!  I recently just went to a job interview and I created something a little different to put into the info folders that I handed out to the committee.  Check it out…

Strengths Example

If you haven’t figured out your strengths yet check out the last post and get moving on it!  You can’t excel in what you do unless you know how God uniquely wired you!

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