• Guide to Sew a human hair Wig

    Step 1: Put the wig cap on the dummy’s head and fix it with a pin.
    Step 2: Using the purchased lace closure, attach the lace closure to the wig cap. Then use the clip to remove the hair for easy sewing. It is best to start sewing from both ends of the front row and sew from the back row. This is done to maintain the natural hairline in front.
    Step 3: Adjust the wig cap and secure it to the mannequin head with a pin. This makes it easy to sew hair weave. Make sure that each track of the stitched hair weave is relatively close so that there is enough hair on the back to avoid making the stitched natural hair wigs look sparse and unnatural. When sewing the hair weave to the edge of the wig cap, if the hair weave is too long, you need to fold it. If the hair weave is short, you can tie a knot and carefully cut off the remaining lace. Repeat this process until you are near the top of the wig. Complete the trajectory, and finally hit a double knot to strengthen the grip.
    Step 4: Remove the stitched hair wig from the mannequin head, turn the inside of the wig to the outside, and sew the Wig Combs into the wig. Wig Combs is sewn into the wig cap to make your wig more secure. It is best to sew 1–2 Wig Combs in front of, in the middle and behind the wig cap.
    Step 5: Extend the wig from one ear to the other, make an accurate measurement, mark the length and cut it. Sewing onto the wig cap and knotting twice to ensure firmness.
    Step 6: Now that your human hair lace wigs are going to be done, remove the extra wigs and make sure that the scissors pins are not too close to the hair. This way, your wig will look more natural.
    Finally: Make your best women’s human hair wigs according to your favorite style. Then you can wear your new wig to show off your new look.