U Tip Hair Extensions, All You Need To Know

Posted on the 31 October 2019 by Kriyya
Hair extensions have been loved by more and more people in recent years, helping you get longer, fuller and more fluffy hair. u tip hair extensions is one of the most popular hair extensions due to its natural appearance, comfortable wear, and cost-effectiveness This article will introduce what is u tip hair extensions? Why choose it? And how to install and install it?
U Tip Hair Extensions, All You Need To Know
What is U-Tip Hair Extension?
U tip hair extensions, also known as nail tip hair extensions or pre-bonded hair extensions, are among the most common permanent extensions. Remy u tip hair extensions consist of a small bundle of real hair that has been previously bonded with a keratin-based adhesive. Kriyya offers professional U-Tip Hair Extension, I-Tip Hair Extension, Tape-In Hair Extension, Our Remy Human Hair Extensions Are Provided By Experienced Factory Who Will Offer Best Quality Hair For You.
U Tip Hair Extensions, All You Need To Know
Advantages of U-Tip Hair Extensions
1.Natural appearance
U tip hair is mounted close to the root of the hair and looks like a real human hair. It is very natural and realistic. Remy u tip hair extensions offer a more natural look than other hair extension types.
2. Increase the amount of hair
Another great benefit of u tip hair is that it can increase your hair volume. This is good news for people with thin hair or sick hair loss. You can make your hair thicker by installing u tip hair and enhance your overall image. These Permanent Hair Extensions will give you a different novelty experience.
3.Affordable price
The squirrel is the best quality hair for you. The salon when installing it, the maintenance cost is low. Moreover, if the Remy u tip hair extensions are well maintained, they will take a long time, about half a year.
U Tip Hair Extensions, All You Need To Know
How to put in U tip hair?
1. Divide the hair into two parts. Select and dispense the same amount of hair in the hair below.
2. Insert the template to protect the hair and secure it, and pierce the hair from the hole in the thermal protection template.
3. Place the U tip hair 1 cm away from the root of the hair.
4. Melt the keratin bond using a thermal fuse. After cooling, gently roll the connected position with your fingers to allow the hair extension to mix thoroughly with your hair.
5. Repeat the above procedure until the hair is completely inserted into your hair. Gently comb your hair and you'll get a fluffy luxury look.

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