Best Way to Wash Hair Extensions

Posted on the 07 October 2019 by Kriyya
Now that you have a set of clip in hair extensions, it's important to take care of them properly. The correct method of washing can make your clip in hair extensions more shiny and supple. On the other hand, you can increase the life of the clip in hair extensions, which can last for 6 months or more. The high quality clip in hair extensions are made from 100% authentic Remy human hair and they do not require daily cleaning. The advantage of clip in hair extensions is that it is not directly attached to the scalp, they do not absorb the oil naturally secreted by the hair, so you don't have to wash your hair often.
Best Way to Wash Hair Extensions
Depending on how often you wear, you can use the following tips to wash your hair.
There are many types of hair extensions ,including clip in hair extensions、U-Tip Hair Extension、I-Tip Hair Extension、Tape-In Hair Extension和Clip In Ponytail。Clip-on hair extensions are the perfect way to quickly change your hair style. You don't have to wait for the hair to grow out to increase the length and volume of the hair. You can use them to increase the highlights without changing the color of the hair, and you can use them to increase the bangs without even getting a haircut. Use a clip-on hair extension to lift your own hair today. Just clip it in.
Best Way to Wash Hair Extensions
1. Gently comb the wide tooth comb to remove any knots. Start with the hair roots of clip in hair extensions and end the hair ends.
2. Soak them under warm water and then wash them with a little sulphate-free, paraben-based shampoo. This step can be repeated if needed, but usually a quarter of the shampoo can achieve its purpose. Rinse thoroughly after shampooing.
3. After the hair is completely rinsed, pat dry with a towel. Do not dry your hair as it will damage the texture and become entangled.
4. You can dry the clip in hair extensions on a towel, or use a hanger to hang the clip in hair extensions to dry.

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