• International Couples

    We want to help couples get through the issues and situations typical of international and multicultural relationships.
    This blog is about those long hours wainting in the airports lounges, it's about struggling to learn your partner's language, it's about deciding which holidays to spend with which family, where to marry, which language speak to your children and it's about trying to live with a myriad of cultural differences.

    But it's mainly about how rich it is to be in an international and interracial relationship, though complicate, and how intense it can be to discover that languages and cultures aren't enough to keep two loving beings apart.

    So, here we are writing and sharing what comes off the top of our heads. It will only make sense if you, our reader, share your point of view and participate with us!

    It is not a counseling service, nor it pretends to be the only point of view. We are opinionated, honest and passionate.

    It's a work in progress really, since my wife and I are constantly fine tuning our relationship and our being an international couple.

    I hope you will find it useful, especially those stuck in a similar situation like us :)