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PAIR: the App for Long-distance Relationships. An Interview with Oleg Kostour

By Internationalcouples @icouples

2At some stage, an international relationship involves a long-distance phase. Distance, in its many forms, represents a constant fear factor for the vast majority of international couples. It might be distance from our families, from our friends, from our country, from the place where we grew up. Luckily, nowadays the fear factor can be mitigated by technology. Many of the communication and messaging software and smart phone Apps are available for free or their cost is relatively low in price.

The existing Apps and Skype-like softwares provide an interface that can connect you with your partner, a number of friends, family and so on.

Pair, on the other hand, revolutionizes this concept.

So what is Pair? Just another instant messaging App? I would not say so.

We spoke to Oleg Kostour, co-founder of Pair to find out more about the App and the guys behind it.

Nowadays the world is more international as people relocate more often to work or study abroad. Couples, as a consequence, must cope with distance and distance-relationships are ever more common.

Oleg Kostour and the Pair team, as seasoned travelers, knew how much strain distance can put on a relationship and thought up of an easier and real-time way to get in touch, to follow and to share moments with their partners.

They envisioned a way to conceptually be in the same place with your partner, an intimate, direct and immediate tool to get to him/her.

Forget about a list of friends to browse through, Pair asks you to pair with someone, to choose your partner. Once you have done that, you basically establish a private network between the two of you!

As mentioned, real-time features also play a strong part in Pair. With ThumbKiss you can see where your partner's finger is on the screen and, if you touch it, both phones vibrate. You can also share a to-do list or let your partner know when you safely got home. Video chatting, instead, is offered as Facetime, an Apple service.

Oleg and his mates developed Pair in a couple of months so you can imagine the excitement and hectic that is going on there. The Android version is almost ready and you can join the Pair waiting list here (you can get a taste of Pair for Android here).

More features will be released in the following weeks so visit the Pair website and shorten the distance between you and your partner! 

By the way, did I mention that Pair is free?

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