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Are Multicultural/international Couples More Likely to Fail? Our Poll

By Internationalcouples @icouples

A very common question that every international couple is bound to ask:

A month ago we ran a poll on our blog asking our readers to participate and share their views with us. As the results show, people do not lack opinions on this issue. The reasons are many and it is worth investigating them.

YES 16.7%

Multicultural couples must deal with a different array of issues that usually 'ordinary' couples must not.


Languages are one example. It takes a while for someone who starts to learn a new language to get to such a high level as to understand and communicate fully with the partner. Those international couples that have gone and go through this everyday know that there is no way to fake this. At the end of the day, it is your partner's feelings and emotions that are at stake.


Travelling and distances are the main reason why many people try not to get into such relationships (unless you fall in love, trying to stay away from such relationships can be done :) ). For those living in a foreign country travelling is a thing they are accustomed to. International couples, more often than not, travel much much more.

Relocating and Expatriating

Another good reason to stay away from such relationships is the fear, unless you are a same-nationality multicultural couple, to relocate and expatriate. Circumstances do change, people can get homesick and need to get home, parents may need assistance of any sort and couples may decide to relocate closer to their parents in order to help.

Cultural differences

Last but not least, cultural differences play a huge role in international relationships. They can be related to trivial issues such as what is the best time to have lunch or supper or what kind of flowers it is inconvenient to give on occasions. But there are other differences that deal with much more important factors such as how to bring up your children, the different apporaches to healthy eating habits etc.


NO 50.0%

I, for one, am truly convinced that international and multicultural couples stand a better chance to succeed. Not only, but such relationships can be so fulfilling and thorough considering the sentimental and cultural wealth we give and receive.


NOT SURE 33.3%

Admittedly, lots of factors highen the fear of the unknown and can be devastating if not managed correctly. I bet you went through at least some of these questions:

Will I miss my family, friends and home country?

Will I be able to tell you everything and communicate properly in your language?

How will your family react to an international spouse?

Will I get tired of so many differences?

What if I get tired of travelling?

Do I really want a multicultural baby?

Am I really a stereotype-free person?

Well, nobody said it was easy but, as they say, the best path is the hardest earned!


What do you think, is your relationship more likely to fail? share your thoughts with us!

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