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    The woman of today is truly a Diva, what with being an amazing multi-tasker and having to handle the entire rigmarole of work while dealing with the cornucopia of family and home commitments. There isn't anyone more deserving than this Diva, of a little pampering, a little luxury, and plenty of Me-time. This is where Divassence! comes into your lives.

    Ladies, we hope to give you everything you need, to help you as you walk the extra mile to doll-up, to look great and feel great, every day of every month of every year! With a wide range of stuff, from make-up ideas and product recommendations, to simple cooking tips and dressing styles; from ideal colour sync options to intriguing trivia, from do-able craft ideas to Diva stories, we have it all lined up for the Diva in you!

    Watch this space for an exciting journey into the world of make-up, dressing, accessorizing and all things creative to make you the Diva you truly deserve to be!