• Listening Inwards

    Listening Inwards

    Inspirational?I can look into my heartAnd see what will stir.The idea of inspiration seems so aloof from everyday life. It seems to be reserved for any manner o... Read more

    Posted on 09 November 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Crack


    This month, I have mostly been inspired by the poetry of Carolyn Kizer. Semele Recycled inspired this piece. I kept the river but chose a different goddess. Read more

    Posted on 08 November 2012 CREATIVITY
  • If Found...


    MISSINGLast seen three weeks ago mooching around my mind, sniffing at an unfinished poem.Small, often invisible, and with a tendency to wander off during times... Read more

    Posted on 07 November 2012 CREATIVITY
  • The Fairy Pool

    by Cerridwen Lee This week’s theme is “Inspirational Ideas” Of course this got me thinking about what inspires mankind. The power of literature, music, art is a... Read more

    Posted on 06 November 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Dave's Dream

    Tomorrow, when the USA finally choose their next president, one man will become the most powerful in the world. It might remain as Obama, it could be Morman... Read more

    Posted on 05 November 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Most Ghostly

    Most Ghostly

    by Colin Davies I'd always promised myself a trip to a haunted house. As a child I was fascinated by the idea of the paranormal, ghosts and other such spooky... Read more

    Posted on 04 November 2012 CREATIVITY
  • A Monstrous Creation

    By Ashley Lister It’s not often that I share creative writing exercises on here. However, I figured the theme of ghostly goings-on would be appropriate for... Read more

    Posted on 03 November 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Haunted Blackpool - Win a Signed Copy

    Haunted Blackpool Signed Copy

    On Wednesday night, the Dead Good Poets' Haunted Blackpool was launched. Below are a series of YouTube videos explaining more about the project and relating som... Read more

    Posted on 02 November 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Old, New, Horror, Blue

    Old, New, Horror, Blue

    Maybe it's the group name ' Dead Good Poets', maybe it's because it was Halloween, or maybe it was nature's way of telling Shaun not to wear sandals but the... Read more

    Posted on 01 November 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Urgent Information for Ghost Hunters.

    For ghosts and ghouls in Blackpool today, look no further than the historic Blackpool Winter Gardens. A building drenched in presence (and the setting for many ... Read more

    Posted on 31 October 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Lunacy

    by Cerridwen Lee Sylvia Plath once said, “This is the light of the mind, cold and planetary.” She was describing the night’s lantern; the mysterious force that... Read more

    Posted on 30 October 2012 CREATIVITY
  • This Wednesday Night...

    So it is almost Halloween. That means bobbing for apples, home made costumes and relatives doing the Monster Mash, right? Wrong. It means partying until 3am in... Read more

    Posted on 29 October 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Night Terrors, Sleep Paralysis…Ghost?

    Night Terrors, Sleep Paralysis…Ghost?

    by Sommer Marsden It’s human nature to want to explain away what is hard to define with something easy to define. Science is easy to define. Read more

    Posted on 28 October 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Haunted Fairground

    by Ashley Lister A radio play with costume changes. This is a one act play for three actors.Actor #1: Sherlock Holmes [wearing a deerstalker and holding a... Read more

    Posted on 27 October 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Haunted Blackpool

    Haunted Blackpool

    Halloween came around quick this year didn’t it? I love it, the dressing up, the spooky atmosphere and the fun. I particularly like the ghost stories. I’ve... Read more

    Posted on 26 October 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Not Small, Not Large - I Need A Medium

    Small, Large Need Medium

    Edward Gorey. Your children are grey and lack enthusiasm. They have ridiculous names such as Clara or Fanny or Titus (can one be haunted by a name?). You throw... Read more

    Posted on 25 October 2012 CREATIVITY
  • The Soldier and His Lover

    from Lisa Kelly Ok so with a deep breath... Here goes nothing!Tonight is for them,The lost and the lonely ones.Tuck in your children. Read more

    Posted on 23 October 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Graveyards

    Nine days from now, where will you be? Perhaps you’ll be indoors, trying to get on with real life whilst being constantly interrupted by children. Read more

    Posted on 22 October 2012 CREATIVITY
  • Ghostly Goings-On

    Ghostly Goings-On

    This is just a short message to explain what’s coming up over the next fortnight here on the Dead Good Blog. In the build up to Halloween we have two weeks on... Read more

    Posted on 22 October 2012 CREATIVITY