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Creature of the Deep?

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Many years ago my husband and I went camping and stopped on the shores of Loch Ness to brew up. We parked in a large lay- by and set up the stove. Whilst this was going on my husband stood by the water perusing the loch, meanwhile a bus load of Japanese tourists pulled into the same space. Suddenly my husband shouted out , " Look at that monster ! ". Well we were nearly mowed down by the stampede of Japanese tourists, armed with cameras shouting , " Where monster, where monster?"
Well, a rather sheepish Terry said , " The biggest salmon I've ever seen leapt out of the water", and unthinking he'd shouted the wrong thing.
Creature of the deep?
I thought of this story this morning and also wrote this ......
Nessie Oh Nessie - if Nessie be
Won't you show yourself to me ?
What a fortune I could make
Were you to appear in this lake.
Years we've waited to see your form,
Some hunters wait from dawn to dawn.
Oh Nessie - if Nessie be
Won't you arise just for me ?
What tales you could tell of the past
Were you to appear for all, at last.
I guess you're shy, I'm not surprised.
Some see in you a glorious prize.
Oh Nessie - if Nessie be ?
I've changed my mind, stay as ye be.
Remain in your loch still and deep
And all your secrets you can keep.
The world up here is quite insane,
You'd be exploited for money and gain.
Oh Nessie - if Nessie be ?
Enjoy your anonymity,
Relish your freedom, swim free.
Don't appear for them nor me.
We'll look and wonder at the water.
You stay in our imaginations - as you oughta.
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