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2016..The Year Past....

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
  Hello all and Season's Greetings. This week's theme is " That was the year that was ". 2016 didn't seem a very exciting year for me. I had no trip abroad and no great adventure. However generally I got out walking twice a week ( weather permitting ). Now that I've given my diary a cursory glance it appears that, laterally at least, I did have many tiny adventures. So for example I give you this copy of 3rd. February 2016.
               Woke to a reasonable morning - no rain or wind !
                After breakfast I packed a rucksack and left at 10.30am in lovely sunshine. Drove to Wyresdale Lake and set off by 11am. Walked by the lake - continued along 'Long Lane' and then another lane towards Fell End Farm. It was quite warm on this lane in the sunshine. There was a ford to cross, but a footbridge. I had a cuppa at the usual seat ( dedicated to Keith Thomas Witherington ). Then I took the footpath fromhere to the trig point on Nicky Nook, Met a few people all enjoying the sun and warmer day. Needed a hat and gloves on as chilly and breezy up there. Strolled back to the car and into 'The Apple Store' for soup and a cake. home by 3.30 and heavy rain came on . Unpacked and to Morrisons for shopping and petrol. Uploaded video and photos. Light meal and bath. Watched a little TV.
    Now to you that may not sound like a very exciting day, but straight away it evokes memories not written down.
   I started the walk from the car park adjacent to the cafe on Wyresdale estate. Now this house and surroundings featured in " Country House Rescue " some time ago and hence the cafe and indeed 'Glamping' facilities. The track follows the lakeside and is bounded by rhododendrons . Later a metalled lane winds down through ancient oaks and ash trees. ( here I stop and like to touch the trees, feeling their ancient bark ). The fact that I walked on lanes,  was due to the extremely wet weather we had experienced previously, and the fields were sodden and flooded. It was warm in that lane and I met two other ladies doing as I was but in the opposite direction and we exchanged pleasantries. The ford was very high and a warning cone had been set to one side to keep drivers to the shallower water. The seat of preference is carved with bees and their Latin name, so Keith must have been fond of bees. It sits in a sheltered spot where tits and finches gather in the copse. The track up Nicky Nook from there is not so steep and has a more gentle incline following the land- rover track where the farmer takes food up to his sheep. It was rather cold on the summit..but worth the view of the bay , the lakes, woods, fields..and the busy M6. ( the hum of traffic is heard for much of this walk ). The descent of the hill has been 'improved ' , but caked my boots with thick claggy clay so that I had to wash them in the burn at the bottom of the hill. The walk to the car park at 'The Apple Store' is through oak woodlands with many small birds flitting around. The cafe is very warm, with log burner and radiators, serving wholesome food in a friendly atmosphere. I take a video camera and still camera with me on all my walks so that I can capture my " Days Out " so that when I am unable to walk to these places I have wonderful memories to look back on .
   So I did have a good year that was and my diary and my DVDs testify to that
   The poem this week was written on a scrap of paper and found in my's about those ancient trees....
                         Mighty tree

   Will you recall my touch long after I'm gone ?
   I caressed your rough bark and ran my fingers across your leaves.
   Will you remember the feel of my fingertips throughout the years ?
   Please remember me deep in the heart of you.
   Take me with you through the years.
   I'll remember you.
 I wish all readers a Happy and Fulfilling 2017  Thanks for reading, Kath

2016..The year past....
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