• Printmakingart

    Here I write about artworks I create which in the main are made using printmaking techniques. I used to paint but after about 10 years I discovered printmaking and realized I was on the wrong bus !!! I love printmaking especially intaglio. Messing about with materials and experimenting with techniques and effects provide stimulation and immense inspiration. Mine is the realm of the imagination - as that is how we have created this world (which is an odd thing to say given that my art work is 'other worldly').

    None the less it is very connected to what we are as human beings. You will have to see it to understand. I also post about art I come across that I find remarkable in some way.

    Sometimes I discuss exhibitions / competitions i have been involved in. I participate in a lot of international competitions. I was delighted recently to have my work selected for the Krakow Print Triennial - it is the top event of the printmaking world. I was honored to be included.

    note to paperblog : Hope I got the RSS FEED address right - first time I have attempted to identify this. It would not accept the entry I put so I duplicated the url. If this ends up with you not including me.............. then so be it.

    Best wishes