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Use A Workout Log For Results

By Dave Nevue

Use A Workout Log For Results


How To Set Up A Workout Log

I find it easier to use a pad. You can easily flip back to your last workout to determine the weight you will need to use. In the pad write out your workout program for six weeks. After six weeks you will want to alter your workout. Now that you have your program documented you will need to determine the amount of sets per exercise, reps and time of rest between sets. Have it set up so when you are in the gym you can easily document your results.

Tracking Your Results

You will want to document every set of each exercise that is planned out for the day. With each exercise write down the weight that you used, the amount of reps performed with proper form and the rest period. The rest period can be documented on the top of the page if you are using the same rest periods. If you are using different rest periods per exercise than document it next to that specific exercise.

Using The Information

After you have your workout logged you can use that information for the next workout. You will know what weights to use and for how many reps. If you used the same weight for two consecutive workouts with the prescribed reps the next workout you will want to increase the weight. Increase the weight by two to five percent. With the additional weight you will not be able to hit your prescribed reps. Each workout strive to get closer to the reps that you are looking for. Once you have achieved the desired reps for two consecutive workouts its time to adjust the weight again.

Additional Information

Some other information that is useful is document how the workout felt. Write down if it was a great workout or you felt like you went through the motions. How was your focus during your workout? Where you focused or did you find your mind wandering? How was your energy level? This information is will dictate if you need to adjust your nutrition, get more sleep or if you are overtraining.


Before you take one step into the gym, get yourself pumped for your workout. You will be spending a small amount of time in the gym. Make every set and rep count, your success depends on it. Go into the gym ready to work, give your best every workout and use a workout log for results.

Best of health and happiness,
Dave Nevue

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