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US Media Cheers on ISIS

Posted on the 11 October 2015 by Calvinthedog


This has been going on forever. I can’t count the number of times the US media has cheered for ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria. It seems we just can’t give our terrorist pals enough love. One of the worst offenders is the most Jewish newspaper in the US, the New York Times. The Times regularly prints articles that cheer loudly for ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria. These articles are often written by Jewish journalists. The New York Times has also run countless articles singing the praises of the Nazis in the Ukraine. Most of those articles were written by Jews too.

I am starting to lose all respect for Jewish people. If Jews are so debased, amoral, corrupt and depraved that they will even support Al Qaeda, ISIS and Nazis, it seems that these people have absolutely no morals whatsoever, which is coincidentally a longstanding anti-Semitic charge against the Jews – that they have no morals, no values, that they lie, cheat and steal and a lot worse, and that they are pretty much capable of just about anything.

It does not surprise me that the Deep State would lend strong support to ISIS, Al Qaeda and Ukrainian Nazis. After all, the Deep State is basically psychopathic. But I would think Jews would be above supporting their worst enemies, but I guess not.

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