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US Is Giving Massive Support to Al Qaeda

Posted on the 25 May 2015 by Calvinthedog

I know this headline is completely insane, but the conspiracy sites have been saying this for a long time. I held off on reporting it, as I was not sure if it was true or not. Nevertheless, I have been investigating this story for a very long time now. I didn’t report on it because up until now, there was not a lot to report.

In the past few years, the US has been turning a blind eye while Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia support Al Qaeda, ie, Al Nusra. We have supposedly been supplying the “moderate rebels,” except there aren’t any. The supplying of the “moderate rebels” has been going on to this day, but recently it has been radically ramped up.

If you wonder why ISIS and Al Nusra are rampaging across Syria racking up victory after victory in recent days, it is because in the past few months, the US has finally begun to massively pour weapons into the Syrian War. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were supplying weapons before, but they were somewhat limited in what they could supply.

But in the past few months, heavy duty weapons systems have been flooding into Syria from Turkey, mostly from the US. I believe that the weapons are originally supposed to go to some “moderate rebels” that don’t even exist. That may be the case. We may indeed be handing them to the fake moderate rebels. But the majority of the weapons given to the fake moderates quickly end up in the hands of the Al Nusra led coalition, and anyway, the fake moderates mostly fight alongside Al Nusra.

So we give massive heavy weapons supplies to the fake moderate rebels, knowing full well that most of it ends up in the hands of the Al Nusra led Coalition. So in effect we are supplying Al Nusra. This is a huge change in US policy, as we have always been reluctant to directly or even indirectly supply this group before.

This has coincided with a massive propaganda campaign in the controlled US propaganda corporate media about how Al Nusra is “moderate” and how they are the “good Al Qaeda” and the “moderate Al Qaeda.” Often the stories have just said that the rebels won, and they did not say led them, eliding the fact that the battle was won by Al Qaeda. All of these Al Qaeda victories are being wildly cheered on by the US corporate propaganda media. Of all the offenders, the Jew York Times has been one of the worst offenders at working up the “nice Al Qaeda” angle.

Also, the Jews are supporting Al Qaeda too, but you probably knew that. Yes, Israel supports Al Qaeda in Syria. They have been doing so for some time now. That will be the subject of another post.

There you have it folks. The US is massively arming Al Qaeda with heavy weapons in the last few months! 100% fact!

See why I am an America-hater? What the Hell? We are arming Al Qaeda? Screw this country!

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