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US History: as Told by The 10 Commandments, Ronald Reagan, and George W

Posted on the 19 February 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
BY RF Schatten
In an Apathetic society...Ignorance always trumps Intelligence, my friends! Oklahoma has joined the State of Texas to keep our future generations stupid, ignorant, and close-minded! Teach them only what 'You' want them to know, what 'You' want them to hear, or what 'You' want them to see...keep them ignorant of the rest of the world...indoctrinate!! And they talk about how bad it is in North Korea? They're kept as ignorant and as much in the dark, as Texas and Oklahoma!! They're not allowed to think!...'Critical Thinking' is against the Laws in Texas!! Indoctrinate, till they only respond to a quick...Heil! Heil! Heil!
Is Oklahoma, OK?...aa ayup! they're OK!...just as stupid as Texas is! Rep. Dan Fisher is 'the man'!! The Fisher Bill...which was approved by the Education Committee, overwhelmingly on an 11-4 vote...bans Advanced Placement U.S. History and changes all history books, to reflect 'their' personal interpretation of US History. Those changes? A total of 58 Documents that; “Shall form the base level of Academic Content for all United States History Courses offered in the Schools in the State of Oklahoma.” 58 Documents that will make up the entire "History of the United States of America" in the Sooner State. Those included are; The 10 Commandments, 3 hand picked speeches by Ronald Reagan, a hand-picked speech by George W Bush, and nothing whatsoever from Lyndon Johnson or any other Democratic President, since. Sounds fair...if you live in the Land of the Stupids!
Legal Right Wing Educational Indoctrination...students studying not history, but what the state commands them to believe (no thinking allowed)...and these people have the gall to talk about Socialism?!?! Ignorance is truly bliss!!
The question is; Is Dan Fisher a fundamentally ignorant human being? or a fundamentally shrewd piece of shit that's out to advance the cause of the "American Right Wing Dream"? Funny that all his "Personal Information" section of the Oklahoma State Legislature website, is missing! mention whatsoever! or hardly anything else about him through internet searches...he covered his ass! but didn't cover his character. He personifies what Fundamental Christianity and Big Money America stands for; a white Christian ignorant society to be ruled by a more sinister Oligarchy...a Ruling Class society, where all other classes would be at their disposition, and in some cases...even their mercy.
They know! it now! or they'll miss the boat when "White America" becomes the minority in the not too distant future! A lot of dangerous laws and precedents are being set and manipulated by Right Wing America, Social Conservative Christianity, the Tea Party, the GOP, the Koch Industries, and their fully paid Supreme Court  ...including coercion with Foreign Governments against the best interest of the United States.
If apathetic America doesn't wake up from their trance...We, the People will be facing these maniacs, as they wrap themselves up with that Flag, pick up their King James or whatever Bible of their choice...and start Marching down the streets of America!! ...and yes! if you don't study 'does' tend to repeat itself!! Why do you think Oklahoma and Texas don't want you to think, or read history??...God Bless America!!
Oklahoma Bill Banning AP US History Would Make Students Study Ten Commandments, 3 Speeches By Reagan | ThinkProgress

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