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US Foreign Policy: Create Chaos and Failed States in Enemy Countries

Posted on the 04 December 2014 by Calvinthedog

Iraq: Invasion, no more Saddam, now filled with “extremists”, low intensity civil war.

Libya: “No fly zone”, no more Gaddafi, now filled with Al Qaeda extremists, low intensity civil war.

Somalia: US backed Ethiopians, etc., waging war on Al Shahab, low intensity civil war.

Sudan: Now split in half., low intensity civil war

Syria: Being bombed actively, now filled with Al Qaeda extremists, high intensity civil war

Lebanon: Tied tightly to the events in Syria, now filled with Salafist extremists, low intensity fighting

Iran: War TBA, Israel head fakes a strike ever other year.

Venezuela: Constant US subversion attempts, full of fascist extremists, major street rioting and chaos.

Colombia: Largest military aid to any country. Filled with leftist guerrillas and fascist death squads, low intensity civil war.

Ukraine: Democratic government overthrown by NATO coup, Nazi government installed, filled with armed factions including Nazi extremists, low intensity civil war.

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