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US Debt Has Been Flat for 30 Years

Posted on the 22 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

Sam writes:

Our country is going broke. We are very close to being 100% debt to GDP ratio. Greece. When countries hit this point a serious disaster is not far behind and these people you’re crying over don’t give a tinkers damn

That figure is a lie. The CIA figure is 71.8%.

The Big Lie: US Debt Is Skyrocketing and Is Unsustainable

Actually, US debt to GDP ratio has been flat for 29 years. It is about the same now as it was in 1986. I am sure you keep hearing about how we are going broke and we are going to turn into another Greece. It’s nonsense.

For one thing, we can print our own money.

US debt last year was 71.8% of GDP, a perfectly respectable figure. The rate was pretty much flat from 1986-2009, 23 year period. It has risen somewhat in the past 6 years, but it is now at exactly the same level as it was in 1991-1998 under the Clinton Administration.

Bush inherited a huge surplus from Bill Clinton as a result of Clinton’s economic policies. That could have been used for a rainy day fund or to pay down the debt. Instead Republicans screamed to give it back to the American people, which was retarded. Most people only got small rebate checks. So when conservatives scream about the debt, they are lying, just like they lie about everything. Conservatives could care less about the debt. When Bush was in, the debt was rising and all the conservatives were saying “debt doesn’t matter.” As soon as Obama got in, conservatives started screaming about the debt again.

Conservatives care nothing at all about the debt. Ronald Reagan blew up the debt badly, deliberately increasing it by 50% by cutting taxes and vastly increasing military spending. All during the Reagan years, the line was that debt doesn’t matter.

Conservatives only scream about the debt because they want to use the fake debt crisis as an excuse to cut government spending, especially on programs they hate. That is why conservatives often deliberately run up the debt by vast amounts – so they can turn around and scream, “Oh no! Look at the huge debt! We are going broke! We have to cut all these programs right now!” It’s just another rightwing lie, like everything the right says, because conservatives lie about everything as a matter of course. Oh yes, and the “liberal” media supported the Republicans 100% in deliberately running up the debt to cause a debt crisis, then screaming about how we need to gut all these programs to solve the fake debt crisis.

Deliberately run up the debt, then scream we need to cut all these programs! Conservatives are utter scum. I cannot put into words how much sheer hate I feel for them.

American politics frankly is retarded and insane, so consequently that is what most voters are.

US debt has been flat for 30 years.

US debt has been flat for 30 years.

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