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Uranus Square Pluto – Are You Ready for Take Off?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


A lot of astrologers out there are obviously homing in on the exact moment of the second square between these two outer planets on the 19th September. Not so many are noticing that we also get Pluto turning direct as the two planets meet. Ok, there is this moment when the two planet collide and the world is going to plunged into chaos etc etc. Stop!! Let’s think about your own personal circumstances for a moment. How is this moment going to affect you, as it is a more significant moment than you might think? As these two planets collide, it will be a watershed moment for all of our lives on the planet.

In the past few months, both Pluto and Uranus have been going retrograde. Retrograde motion of the planets as I see it allows us a chance for internal adjustments to occur in our lives. These planets are affecting our attitudes & transforming them. Uranus retrograde is making us think differently, and to assess how we can achieve more personal freedom. We want to rebel and to further our lives, but before we can do this and make outward changes, you have to change your way of thinking first. Of course Uranus as it makes aspects to our own natal planets throws at us different unexpected situations and challenges, issues that force us to think in a more radical way. As those challenges come, we do adjust our positions and new exciting possibilities and attitudes color our thought processes. Uranus as the planet of the higher mind is in the process of adjusting in retrograde motion, and because we aren’t in a position to affect our new ideas on the outside world just yet as they are still forming, tension will build up inside and every so often it will come out at a time we least expect it, often all at once. Uranus retrograde I see as more explosive in nature than Uranus direct because that reforming energy is coming out in a more controlled manner.

Pluto retrograde is targeting those areas of your character that need a total overhaul, psychological hang-ups and issues from the past. Whatever house Pluto is sitting in your chart, I will bet you that in the past 4-5 months you have revisited old problems associated with that area of your natal chart or you have come to a realisation that it is time to let bygones be bygones and to move on regarding these issues, to leave behind parts of your life that are patently not working or maybe relationships that have run their course (this is also a function of Saturn in Libra). As a whole you should be now more self aware of your personal limitations, and also aware of where you can grow, where you can spread you wings and make significant progress.

I always see Pluto in the form of the caterpillar that gorges itself on the leaves of a tree, and then the time comes in the retrograde period to build a cocoon for itself. During this retrograde motion inside the cocoon the caterpillar is changing, mutating, transforming. As the retrograde period ends, the caterpillar suddenly finds that it has a new beautiful form and a new way of getting about too. No longer 50 pairs of legs, no you suddenly have wings and freedom of movement.

Yes everybody, as Pluto turns direct and as Uranus passes by, we can emerge into the light and start to test those new wings. Pluto moving direct means we can now start to make outward changes to the world around us. By drinking on the sweet nectar of the flowers in the garden allowing them to pollinate, we can affect change not only to us as we grow, but to our environment too. We won’t be able quite yet to force our new Uranian ideas on people and the world around us as Uranus has a little way to go before it finishes it’s own retrograde cycle; that happens in December 2012. Nethertheless, in the mean time it’s a chance for us to open those wings for the first time as Pluto starts to move direct. Getting used to new area of life that we can control directly always takes a little while to adjust to, and it can be a little scary at times. But with every journey, you have to make that first step. Our first lesson as Pluto turns direct is therefore is having the courage to make that initial decision to explore the new world around us. It’s time for us to learn to fly…

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