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Ups and Downs

By Brisdon @shutuprun

What a week of crazy ups and downs. I was pretty bummed out at the start of the week for lots of reasons – work stuff and personal stuff (believe it or not I don’t share everything on the blog!). Plus all of this (more FWPs):

  • Two sick kids – one who even missed trick or treating.
  • One dog who got into the white chocolate chips and made a not-so-white mess on the carpet.
  • Leaking milk all over the fridge that dripped on all the beer, even the Sam Adams.
  • A chin zit the size of Lake Michigan that took over my face. It was so bad Ken thought I had fallen and hit my chin. At least my 15 year old and I have something in common.


Today was more ups and downs as I tackled something I’ve been wanting to do for a few months now, ever since I saw the movie Unbreakable about the Western States 100. Famed ultra runner, Anton Krupicka, was at the premier of the movie and talked about how he runs up Green Mountain (outside of Boulder) 300 times per year as part of his training.

I felt totally summoned by this mountain, but intimidated by the 2,300 feet of elevation gain just to run 2.7 miles to the summit. But, today was the day and I did it (with Joie’s help. She calls me the crazy one for dragging her to do these things, but I know she secretly loved it).

This was the hardest run I’ve done in terms of climbing. Ever. In fact, with all of the trail running I do, this is the first time I’ve ever run up a real mountain. Just to put it into perspective, it took about 55 minutes just to run 2.7 miles.


We tried to keep pushing the whole time without stopping, but there were certain points where running was completely impossible. The trail was also really technical in spots. I wish the pictures did it justice.


Here is some raw and never seen before footage:

And we did knock that bitch out.

About a half mile from the summit, trail gets incredibly steep and it’s a scramble over boulders. But, the view from the top (at 8,200 feet) is a stunning 360 degree look at the Boulder Valley and the Rocky Mountains.




I wore some cool new socks that Outside PR sent over. They are Injinji toe socks to prevent blisters, rubbing, etc. They also make compression socks.


These were very comfy to run it and even accommodated my huge second (Morton’s) toe. I didn’t think they made socks that big.


Garmin stats:

5.89 miles/2,330 feet gain/1:36


In other exciting news, I had some quotes in a NY Times article today called “A Restroom Plan Can Relieve Some Worry.” Pretty fitting for a girl like me, no? Read it HERE for tips on avoiding the running trots.

One more thing - think about taking on the challenge to run 50 miles in one week by doing the Road ID Lace ‘Em Up Challenge. I am late on discussing this, as it goes from 10/29-11/4. You can still sign up (free), and you’ll get a $10 coupon for to use on the Road ID website. Go HERE!

And lastly - to those of you on the east coast affected by Sandy, my thoughts go out  to you. We’ve been following your stories all week.

Any ups are downs for you this week? Please tell.

Do you get blisters when you run? No, this hasn’t been a problem for me. Yet.

Please tell me you still get the occasional zit.


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