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Updated March 9: Profile of the Evansdale-Delphi Serial Killer

Posted on the 09 March 2017 by Calvinthedog

Profile of the Evansdale-Delphi Serial Killer

by Robert Lindsay

The initial Unsub profile of the Evansdale-Delphi serial killer was written on February 25 with an update on February 28. I have updated it a lot with new information. Major changes were made in the profile.

The main change was that whereas I was quite hesitant to assign blame for these sets of murders to Unsub previously, but I am now quite certain that not only were both crimes done by the same man, but that Unsub is indeed the man who committed those crimes. Now I have been wrong many times in the past about all sorts of things, and of course I could be completely wrong about this too. But this time, I do strongly believe that the Unsub described below is the man responsible for both of these crimes. But please, once again, allow me an out here if I turn out to be wrong. Detectives make statements like this all the time that turn out to be wrong, and  this could well be wrong too. I am not stating this as fact. This is simply an opinion that is strongly held by me.

My previous Unsub in this case failed rather spectacularly, and this one could well too, although this new Unsub profile is dramatically less likely to fail than the first one. I am not a professional in this area. I am amateur, a dilettante. This is done more for my own entertainment as a hobby than as a profession. I do not claim that this profile is an accurate behavioral profile of the Unsub of the sort that the FBI produces regularly. I am just some amateur who is fooling around. So keep that in mind.


Unsub is aged 55-65 based on his photos, voice and other things. Roundabout let’s call it ~60.

Unsub is a pedophile, a heterosexual pedophile. He likes little girls from age 2-12, mostly around age 6-10. However, 13 and 14 year old girls are not too far out of his AOA. Many pedophiles are also hebephilic, and it’s common for pedophilic AOA’s to include girls age 13-15 because these girls still have enough of a childlike quality to attract the pedophile. By age 16, most girls are simply too grown up for all pedophiles and hebephiles.

Unsub may be a nonpreferential pedophile. That means he is may also attracted to adult females, and he may enjoy having sex with them regularly. Not all pedophiles are exclusive. Nevertheless, his sexual preference is for girls age 6-10. His attraction to adult females is lower than to little girls, but may still be adequate for adult heterosexual functioning. I may not like women his own age though. If approached by a woman his own age, he may tell her that he only dates young women. If he dates adult women at all, he will probably confine himself to the youngest possible ones. I believe he may also have sex with boys, but only if he dresses them up in girls’ clothes so they look like girls as he is a heterosexual pedophile

Unsub is also sexual sadist. He has been a sexual sadist since no later than age 14, but he has been repressing the sexual sadism at least to the extent of not being murderous. At some point in at least the last five years, this control has broken down and is no longer repressed. This has coincided with an increasingly menacing look to him.

In appearance, Unsub may be balding with white hair. In the past, may have had stringy long blond hair. He may have had a goatee and mustache in recent years, but lately he has may have shaved most of it off except for a mustache and bit of a goatee.

Unsub looks downward instead of looking people straight in the eye. This could give the impression of “looking down at others.” This is intentional, as I feel that Unsub does indeed look down on others. He thinks very highly of himself, is narcissistic and thinks he is better than others. He also thinks he can outsmart police, and I believe he has been doing just that for the last five years when he has been getting away with murder.

Unsub may have altered his appearance since the Evansdale murders. In the past he may have had rather long stringy blond hair, a mustache and a goatee. He may have altered his appearance since the Evansdale killings by shaving off the beard. I do not know if he altered his appearance after the Delphi killings.

In the past, Unsub was often smiling and seemed happy go lucky. He looked harmless enough. He was surely molesting children, but he was not violent yet, so his face remained open and friendly.

In recent years, Unsub’s face has gotten angrier. He has been slowly developing an air of menace in recent years. This is because he has been transforming from a nonviolent pedophile into a violent pedophile. While in the past his fantasies were about noncoerced sex with children, they have now turned much more violent, and now he mostly fantasizes about rape and murder of girls age 8-14. Why he changed from a nonviolent to a violent pedophile is not known.

Unsub may have been paunchy for most of his adult life from age 40 on. Around 15 years ago at age 45 and probably for some time prior, he may have been much heavier. His excess weight may have gone mostly went to his width, so he looked something like a football lineman. After age 45, he may have lost a lot of that weight. He has probably retained somewhat of a paunch since at least age 40. From 2012-present, he may have remained with this thinner frame, but I believe he retains a paunch to this day. The paunch can be easily seen in the photo of Unsub on the Monon High Bridge.

Unsub is not a happy serial killer. Instead he is a tormented one. Since the Evansdale murders, he has grown much darker. He has also aged prematurely and looks much older than he did even a few years ago. His smile is gone and has been replaced by a look of sadness and especially rage. Now he looks downright mean. His friends have reacted to this by telling him he has aged. Others say things like, “Cheer up! Smile!”

Somehow this double homicide aged him and made him much sadder and angrier. This means that the Evansdale killings significantly stressed him out. Even though these crimes stress him out, he continues to commit them. That is because he is driven in some way to commit these crimes. It is now a sort of addiction. He is addicted to rape and murder.

Unsub may have few hobbies other than pedophilia. He may like to hang out in local places like taverns, coffee shops, pool halls, etc. Here he likes to relax with friends and shoot the bull. He may be a member of some sort of sporting group.

Unsub’s writing probably appears somewhat uneducated. He probably makes some spelling errors that an educated American never makes. However, in his rural Iowa-Indiana area, he is no doubt about as educated as most people he knows, as most of them write about as poorly as he does.

His IQ is not particularly high. It is probably ~105-110, but he probably acts less intelligent than that. This can be seen in his poor writing style.

Unsub graduated from high school. He has at least some college education. He may have even graduated from college, or perhaps he went for a while and then quit. Unsub is not good at completing scholarly tasks. He starts them and quits or takes a long time to fulfill his educational goals. For instance, he is the type of man who might take 10-15 years to complete a four year college degree, if he completed one at all. He has a hard time sticking to tasks and has a tendency to drag things out. Why he does this is not known.

Unsub’s employment is hard to ascertain. He works with his hands in some sort of a working class occupation. Perhaps he repairs objects in some way. He is quite good mechanically. He may work as a computer consultant or repairman, a mechanic, a truck or school bus driver, or at a factory.

However, he has the same desultory attitude towards work as he has towards school. Bottom line is that Unsub is a bit lazy. He would rather kick back and enjoy himself than work or go to school. He has a problem with sticking to either work  or school. Many tasks are started but never finished, but this does not bother Unsub much.

Unsub has not always been like this. This lackadaisical style probably developed in middle age. As a young man, he was probably much more productive. At one point he may have even owned his own business. I am not sure about how successful this business was though.

Unsub may have been in the US military. He may have even participated in one of our Middle Eastern wars. I do not know when he joined the military. However, he may have suffered some sort of an injury in service and was sectioned out.he was injured in the military and sectioned out. This was possibly about 25 years ago.

I believe Unsub is quite religious. He is probably an evangelical Protestant Christian like so many in the surrounding area. He may have even gone to a religious college. He is probably very active in his local church, where he is regarded no doubt regarded as a great man. He has probably has a number of friends through this church. How he reconciles his strong religious faith with raping and murdering little girls is hard to figure.

Although he has been losing his looks since his mid-50’s, Unsub probably was an attractive man until quite recently. He may have had a sexy appearance in a sort of bad boy, devilish way. He appeared may have appeared masculine and handsome in a tough guy way.

Women in the local area were probably attracted to him due to his good looks. Even after age 50, he may have continued to attract attractive, sexy women all the way down to age 30. A number of the local younger women probably used to think he is “hot” or “cute.” No doubt this has gone to his head somewhat, and he thinks of himself as a ladies man.

Unsub is a fixated pedophile and has been so since age 14 at the latest. His pedophilia is one of the major themes of his life. I do not believe he has been controlling his pedophilia, and I think he has been molesting girls for quite some time. He may have gotten quite good at it. I believe that many people do not realize that he is a pedophile. He is still probably close to some members of his family and their friends. They probably do not suspect him of being a pedophile.

Unsub may have married two or more times and if so, he has a number of children and stepchildren through these marriages. Relations with the ex-wife probably are not good. The marriage may have ended bitterly and there were possibly some court battles with the ex-wife accusing Unsub of various outrages in an attempt to get full custody of the children. They may have had joint custody for a while, but there were probably big scenes and battles associated with this, so it didn’t work out well. Unsub and the ex-wife have probably engaged in big fights in public in broad daylight.

I am quite certain that at least one of his ex-wives has a low opinion of him. This is because she has experienced his sociopathy firsthand. I believe Unsub was been very mean and cruel to at least one of his ex-wives during their marriage.

This ex-wife is now deathly afraid of Unsub and regularly tell people this. She accuses him publicly of being a pedophile and a sociopath. She considers Unsub to be a very dangerous person. She has accused him publicly of molesting specific girls and even boys. I believe she tried to turn him in over this, but it didn’t go anywhere either. If asked about this, Unsub probably says she is making this up as a bitter ex-wife.

I believe his children may also suspect Unsub of being a pedophile. Nevertheless they continued to visit him in joint custody after the Evansdale murders. However, after some court battles, his I believe his ex-wife has now retained sole custody of most of the children. Unsub may have retained custody of no more than one child. In addition, I believe the ex-wife has moved out of the area quite a ways away to another state. Her location is 400-600 miles away from her previous one.

I believe the ex-wife has several children of her own, probably four or more. I believe the ex-wife continued to have kids into her 40’s. I now believe that Unsub has molested at least some of his children and that this molestation went on for years. I am unsure of how good his relationship is with his children, but I believe at least some of them accuse him of being a pedophile. The children are minors or they were when Unsub was still married.

Unsub has not always resided in the Indiana-Iowa area. Previously, he lived about 500-700 miles away but in a similar cultural region. He moved to Indiana-Iowa ~25 years ago, when he was ~35 years old.

If the Evansdale killer also did the Delphi killings, he traveled some distance for at least one and maybe both of these crimes. I do not believe that the killer lives in either Evansdale or Delphi. He’s not that stupid. But I do believe he lives near one place. He resides close to Evansdale. This means he drove ~350 miles to commit the Delphi murders. He has no problem driving 5-6 hours to commit a double homicide and then returning home. In other words, the Delphi murders were committed by someone from out of state as the ISP now believes.

I believe that Unsub took the Iowa girls to a residence of his. The residence may have been a house, a camper or a motorhome. The house may have been located in a remote area. If it was a camper or motorhome, he parked it in some remote area. Within 12 hours of the Evansdale abduction, he left the where he lived. He stayed away for at least three weeks.

It was in this structure that he raped and killed those girls. He may have blocked out the windows and even soundproofed his residence in order to do this. Afterwards he cleaned his place up as thoroughly as he could.

Unsub does not have a lot of money, but I believe he owns his own modest home in Iowa close to Evansdale. He may also own a trailer or a motorhome of some sort.  His principal residence may have the appearance of a sparsely or poorly-furnished bachelor residence. The walls may be white with a white carpet. It is probably not even well-lit inside, and the residence may have a dim look about it, even in daytime.

I believe that Unsub is is divorced and he lives alone. He probably has little girls over at his residence from time to time, but I am not sure if he molests them there or not. He probably has some photographs of little girls in his residence. I do not know if he collects child pornography, but he probably has a significant collection of photos of cute little girls obtained in a variety of places. He may have some photos of himself with a little girl or two next to him.

Unsub continues to drive a fairly nice car. This car may be a compact. Its color may be red. It is this red compact that was driven from Iowa to Indiana to commit the Delphi murders.

In the Evansdale killings, there was talk of a white SUV in the area where the girls disappeared. It was never proven to have any connection with the murders. I am unsure if Unsub used that white SUV to commit the Evansdale crimes. I believe he did have a white SUV around 2012-2013, but I am not sure if it was operable or broken down. But it could clearly be seen parked outside on his property.

He’s going to lay low for a while. He won’t do any similar crimes in the near future. He’s not that stupid. Unsub seems to take these murders rather hard. They take their toll on him. He has not been sitting pretty since the Delphi murders. Instead he is highly stressed out. He is quite worried about getting caught now that they have a photo of him, a recording of his voice and a possible record of his DNA. He got away with the Evansdale killings easily, but this time he had a run of bad luck as the girls got photos and a voice recording of him.

Despite the fact that Unsub is stressing out badly over this latest crime, he remains in the Iowa area near Evansdale.

I am not sure whether he has marks on his face from Libby’s fighting back. It’s possible. If so, people need to keep an eye out for a man who suddenly developed scratches on his face since the Delphi murders.

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