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Update: Week 2 of September 2012

By Scarecrow
Update: Week  2 of September 2012 The Faverolles have been out in the Main Vegetable Garden helping to catch a few of those European Earwigs that are such a pest in early Spring.  A short update for this week as we are busy with Markets this weekend.
Weather highlights:
Lowest Min -1C
Highest Max 25.9C
0.5  mm Rain
Potting on/up:

Leeks Musselburg
Tomato Black Krim
Tomato Tommy Toe
Planting Out:
Potato Spunta from Tasmanian Gourmet Potatoes
Potato Purple Sapphire  from Tasmanian Gourmet Potatoes
Potato Pontiac  from Mr Fothergill's I bought these when the ordered ones were taking a long time to arrive!!
These were planted into Wicking Bed 11 in the Kitchen Garden

Grapevine Black Sultana
Strawberry Runners
Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making. For Salads, Juice and Stirfries  I have been picking Lettuce, Watercress, Lebanese Watercress, Kale, Silverbeet,  Gotu Kola, Parcel, Parsley, Shallot and Beetroot Leaves which are not always weighed.
Carrots Mixed 1505g
Eggs: Total for the week 22 (only 5 days)
3  from the lone Barnevelder
7  from the 5 Farmyard Ferals
12 from the 4 Faverolles

Update: Week  2 of September 2012 At last the wind settled enough to bring the tomato seedlings outside for some sunshine...I put them safely back into the greenhouse each night as we are still getting frosts!
Update: Week  2 of September 2012 
In an effort to lower pest numbers I have cleared between the was mainly Dandelions growing there so the chooks got some extra greens in the bargain!
Update: Week  2 of September 2012
The Lettuces in Bed 7 are beginning to bolt with the warmer days...I am hopeful of continuing to harvest these for salads until the new planting by the back door (Bed 23 in the Kitchen Garden) is big enough to harvest!

To see how the various Garden areas fit on our half acre block check out the newest Planting Plan for Spring HERE  This is updated as planting occurs.

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