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Update Numero Trois.... Guess What I Found!

By Misslara16 @misslara
So lately I found two of my old books I haven't seen in years... That reminded me of those days in which I used to read any book that came my way. I might as well come out of the closet about my compulsive book purchase disorder... I still stock up on books and I try to find time to read them... Sad much but I don't read like before any more.
 Point is I used to love books by Michelle Mckinney Hammond I guess I still do but I haven't seen any new ones.... Guess what I found during the Holidays... I decided to dust the cobwebs and remind myself of some lessons learnt. I bought both of them in 2005 and they still bless me every time I pick them up! Good books...

Update Numero trois.... Guess what I found!

The Diva principle....! This is a completely awesome book for single ladies... valuable lessons and examples..!

Update Numero trois.... Guess what I found!

both of them together.. you will learn some valuable lessons from this books...

Update Numero trois.... Guess what I found!

This book is basically on how to be a good influence on your man  spiritually, physically and in other areas... its a very good book.

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