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UPDATE: Full Invasion Force Arrives at Mi’kmaq Blockade

Posted on the 17 October 2013 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.44.31 PMfrom Earth First! Newswire 700 RCMP are currently reported at the scene of the Mi’kmaq blockade with an armored personnel carrier. Talks have failed. Snipers with the RCMP have been seen pointing their scopes at groups of young supporters, drawing intense criticism from observers. In a statement, one RCMP officer declared, “the Crown land belongs to the government, not fucking Natives,” revealing the systemic contempt for treaty rights with First Nations and international agreements. RCMP are now lined up with riot shields, as the standoff continues to maintain the blockade that is currently keeping “thumper trucks” from destroying the land in Mik’maq territory. Chief Aaron Sock of the Elslipogtog has been released by the RCMP after being arrested while blockading the compound of Texas-based SWN Resources. However, over 40 Mi’kmaq warriors remain in custody, as the RCMP continue to use pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets in attempts to break up the blockade. 1379310_242702739212593_1480884763_nCanada is clearly in violation of international treaties with this war-like act against a peaceful nation engaged in lawful direct action against the theft and destruction of their land by a multinational energy company. According to Submedia, “During my short stay [at the two-week-strong blockade] I’ve witnessed the co-operation between natives and settlers, a partnership that has kept this blockade fully stocked and operational. Food, wood, hot coffee, tents and other supplies keep streaming all the while SWN berates the police in the media for not arresting the protesters.” In retaliation against the invasion, which comes one day before an international day of solidarity with the Mi’kmaq Blockade and two days away from a meeting set to continue peace talks, unknown persons have set six RCMP vehicles ablaze, hurled stones at the police line, and confiscated fracking equipment. In related news, SWN stock hit a sharp decline today on the New York Stock Exchange. As of this time, the RCMP is not letting media in. However, reinforcements continue to swell the numbers of supporters at the blockade. The Mi’kmaq have issued a call for continued international solidarity, and for increased support for the blockade.

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